Wikify any text instantly with automatic links from Wikipedia

If you spend a lot of time on Wikipedia you must have come across a text which is inundated with a lot of related links. While using Wikipedia in simple mode can get rid of some of these links, the links are important as it can point out to complete and proper understanding of the subject you are looking up. This is done automatically when you type something on Wikipedia.

Wikify @ Appointment is a great tool to take any text you want and give it that special Wikipedia treatment.

Features of Wikify @ Appointment

  • Just type in the random text you wanted to wikify. In the above image I have used the text from this post which you are reading.
  • Just click on wikify and you will get the HTML version of the text with links added from

Where Wikify can be useful?

People writing a technical article (not blogging) for forums might like using this tool as you get all the relevant words linked to a articles.

In case someone is creating their own Wikis, then this can be useful for linking to correct terms externally.

Do try out Wikify @ Appointment and drop in your comments and views about a such online tools.

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vicky November 3, 2010

good post for the researchers. where they dont have to look up separately.