Winners – 2nd Anniversary Celebration Events! [Editorial]

image Two week ago, we celebrated Devils Workshops’ second anniversary and as part of celebration organized some events. Here is the list of winners with some surprises at the end.

Entrecard 250 Credit

Total 5 members participated for 250 Entrecard Credits: Johnson, Vaibhav, ArpitNext, Sauravjit & Pratik Parekh.

A lucky winner is selected by Anil Wadghule, a ruby hacker, with following comment…

Anil: I am picking ArpitNext as the winner for 250 Entrecard Credit. Do convey my congratulations to him.

Winner is: ArpitNext

FREE Domain + Webhosting

Total 4 members participated for free domain and webhosting: Sauravjit, Pratik Parekh, Pavan Kumar & Gaurav.

Two Lucky winners are chose by Darnell Clayton & Thilak Raj, famous professional bloggers, with following comments…

Darnell: (reply 1) I am leaning towards either Pavan Kumar or Gaurav.

Thilak: After reading their comments, I think Gaurav deserves to win!

Darnell: (reply 2) I am selecting Pavan. Let me know who Thilak chooses!

Winners are: Gaurav & Pavan Kumar


Yep, I didn’t talk about them and that’s what make them surprise. 😉

Over the last two weeks I earned another 100 Entrecard Credit on my account which I am giving to Johnson. I can not thank him enough for nice wallpapers he designed for Devils Workshop as anniversary gift.

There was also an advertising event, in which two above the fold 125×125 image ad-slots were made available at $1 and $2 for a month (~100,000 page-views). Only Vaibhav turned up for this event but for some unknown reason couldn’t transfer $1 to my paypal account in-time. Anyway, I am giving one ad-slot to Vaibhav for free which normally priced at $10/month. 🙂

Thank You ALL…

Here we reach the end of second anniversary celebration. Thank you all for your wishes, participation and gifts for Devils Workshop. 🙂

I will personally contact all winners via mail to dispatch their gifts. If you have something to say/ask, please use comment form below.


sauravjit singh June 26, 2008

congratulations everyone!!!!

and i`ll w8ing for the 3rd anniversary!!!! 😉

Pavan Kumar June 26, 2008

Thank you Rahul, I will make my new journey a grand success…. And I specially thank Darnell for choosing me.

Johnson June 26, 2008

Thank you very much :)>-

It was really surprising…
As I started reading the post and read that Arpit got the Entrecard Credits I was a bit disappointed as it was the only event I participated for, :d

But as I read further and reached the surprises section I was really surprised or u can say shocked I didn’t make those wallpapers for any prize or reward it was purely a gift from me to the devils workshop…

Neways thanks once again buddy…

And congrats to Arpit, Gaurav and Pavan

Gaurav June 26, 2008

Thanks Rahul, Thilak and Darnell for choosing me 😀
I am just so elated now, considering that I haven’t been online since last 2 days due to Grim power scenario here and just the power was restored and I saw this 😀
Thanks a ton 😀

pratik parekh June 26, 2008

m the onli one…whose without gifts … 🙁

Rahul Bansal June 27, 2008

Hope we will have better blast on next anniversary…

Best of luck for pro-blogging… 🙂

Those wallpapers are priceless for me…
From last few days every visitor coming to my home shocked to see them.
When they ask when you learned photoshop, I say proudly that they are designed by a fellow-blogger as a gift on my blogs second anniversary… 🙂

I switched to laptop for this power-cut reason also….
By the way, in Pune there are no power-cuts almost 99% of the time… 😉

You will make it to the list next year buddy… 🙂
I am also planning for more events.
By the when you comment leave a link to your blog. I could have back-link to your blog from my post, which is good SEO. 🙂

Johnson June 27, 2008

Really feeling proud after reading what u told ur friends… u can always expect such kinda gifts from my side in future also 😉

Gud to see that the gravtars are back 🙂

I think you must be busy with modifications for ur new template, me too busy customizing new theme for the blog.

U see next month my blog will also complete 2 years 🙂 and I m planning to switch to a new theme on this occasion, I m facing some problems regarding adverts on the blog and many other questions which I have compiled a list and will soon be mailing it to you 😉 hope u get some time answering them…

Rahul Bansal June 29, 2008

Great to know that we both are 2006 batch of bloggers… 😉

I will try my best to answer your questions…

Gaurav June 28, 2008

The power scene here too in faridabad is not bad, normally ( even 4 days back ) it was just a max to max couple hour cut, but then some serious damage happened to the grids supplying power to our sector and a couple of nearby sectors 😐 . so its only us here in faridabad who are facing the crisis 🙁

Rahul Bansal June 29, 2008

Such things can happen anywhere….
but one things is good about them.. they give you time to get back to your family and friend! 😉