Task Management With Facebook and Twitter Contacts – Wunderkit

Wunderkit_logoThere are many organisation tools online which help people organize their books marks, reminders and notes. I personally like using Doomi to make quick todo lists on my desktop or Evernote to take notes and create long term tasks.

When an online tool like Wunderlist suggests, that it is a one stop solution to organize your life in a better way, I tend to take it with a pinch of salt. But I got me curious enough to try it out check how useful it would be.

Wunderkit is a online tool that allows users to organize their life and also get their friends from Twitter and Facebook involved. It is currently by invitation only and it certainly seems to be neat and interesting online tool.

Wunderkit Features


  • The webapp allows users to register with their Twitter or Facebook account. One can also add friends via email to a specific work-space.
  • Creating a work-space allows users to create notes and tasks separately.
  • I could also check and make some of my work-spaces as public if I chose to do so. That means I can invite people to view it thanks to a URL.

Why Wunderkit holds promise?

Most things I could do with Wunderkit, I could with Evernote. So why would users want to try Wunderkit. The reason lies in being social. The focus of Wunderkit is on allowing friends from Facebook or Twitter to create projects. Thanks to Twitter integration, Wunderkit can also be used by people who are anonymous.

I would not recommend a complete move to Wunderkit at the moment as it still is a beta product. Also unlike Evernote, it does not have a desktop app but I guess that will happen very soon.

Video Walkthrough of Wunderkit

Try out Wunderkit and drop in your comments. Also special thanks to R@xit for the tip.

Link: Wunderkit