Yahoo does a Google Instant with Search Direct feature!

Yahoo has been in the news recently for all the wrong reasons. One problem for Yahoo has been getting into many things and not being able to focus on some mainstream products. ‘Search’ has been something that Yahoo’s share seems to be going down. Probably to stop that decline, Yahoo has unveiled a new search feature called Yahoo Direct.


How does Yahoo’s Search Direct compare with Google Instant?

  • Yahoo Direct is similar to Google Instant results, except it also shows trending search queries.
  • The results are show in a pop-up like window while you type in the query. With Google the links start appear automatically.
  • Yahoo says this is to make search more intuitive. I do not really see much difference but I can see why Yahoo search engine’s regular users will find this a great change.

Here is a video demo from Yahoo showcasing its new Search Direct feature.

My tip is try out Yahoo search for a day or two to get better perspective on Yahoo’s search capabilities. Are you willing to try Yahoo out or it is too little too late? Do drop in your comments.

Link: Yahoo Search Direct


vishal toshiwal March 24, 2011

its always the same thing Google invents new tools and then other follow it to do the same

Aditya Kane March 24, 2011

I am not so sure about Yahoo copying Google. It had a experimental search feature like Google instant almost 5 years ago. But yahoo never implemented it. 🙁