Save Paper and Printer Ink by Using PrintFriendly [Online Tool]

printfriendly_logoI like taking a print out of something I read online and really like. The unfortunate part is when you take print outs of a web-page, the logo of the blog or some other useless information is also automatically printed out. This wastes paper and ink from the printer. That means we end up losing money and also hurt the environment.

Print Friendly is a website which offers a simple yet effective solution for this problem.

PrintFriendly Features

  • I could easily enter the URL of the page I wanted a print out. This pulled up a page which allowed me to edit out paragraphs.
  • I could edit out whole paragraphs or single lines. For example in the image below I am editing out the first part of the article hence saving printer ink and paper in the process.


  • PrintFriendly also has a bookmarklet that you can have on your browser to quickly use it for taking printouts. Also the service allows us to create these pages into PDF files.

I liked the idea of PrintFriendly which allows cutting out the not so important stuff from a page we are looking to get printouts or creating PDF files.

Do try out Print Friendly and drop in your comments.

Link: PrintFriendly

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kabir April 19, 2011

yes . Tool and softwares are all good. Saving paper is the important thing though. Save paper guys. As end consumers this is the most essential and easiest thing we can do. Big corporates should take a part in this too. Help save the environment. I recently was very impressed with this service in India called “kleeto”. Basically a document storing service and providing their online access, they are leading all sorts of campaign on how to save paper and actively involving people in doing the same. They are even running multiple contests on their facebook page