YouSearch: Watch YouTube Videos Without Leaving Current Page

If you are a YouTube lover and prefer to work in Google Chrome, then you would like to access YouTube from Chrome without leaving your current page. Many times bloggers need to research things or Embedded YouTube Videos while writing articles. Sometimes, it becomes a bit time consuming to search for YouTube videos from different window and keep on switching the windows.

Google Chrome is providing a very useful YouTube search extension, known as You Search. YouSearch helps you to view, update or search any YouTube video without leaving your current window.

You can install YouSearch extension for Google Chrome from their official page:

  1. Once you will install YouSearch, You will see the Icon for YouSearch on upper left of Google Chrome.


  1. I searched for “SEO Tutorials” and this is the result which I got


  1. You can easily search for Videos or even upload it in the same way which we use for You Tube.


YouSearch is an astounding extension for Google chrome, which will help you to save you time and increase your productivity. I am using it and found YouSearch very useful. The only problem which I faced was while I switch to new tab/ Window, the video which I was  watching gone astray. So, you need to take care while switching to different window otherwise you have to start searching the video from beginning.

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Give a try to YouSearch and do share your feedbacks with us.


Giri April 7, 2010

“YouSearch on upper left of Google Chrome”

Right of Google Chrome!

Ruchi April 22, 2010

Thanks Giri, I will edit it.