YouTube on Mobile Officially – Its free and doesnt need flashlite!

YouTube on MobileIf you are addicted to video sharing site YouTube, then its time to open up your mobile browser and point it too Yes the popular video sharing site is ported on your favorite cellphone by YouTube itself.

The Mobile YouTube welcomes you with a warning screen saying, YouTube Mobile is a data intensive application. We highly recommend that you upgrade to an unlimited data plan with your mobile service provider to avoid additional charges. In Indian, Airtel subscribers – both with mobile office as well as netonphone need not worry as these are unlimited data plans!

So whats the catch then?

  • No YouTube is not charging anything.
  • No you need not buy or subscribe to any third party application or service.
  • Only thing existing mobile networks in many countries (including India) are not enough fast to playback videos smoothly on cellphon šŸ™

To I play a video, click on the its thumbnail graphic, and your phone’s built-in media player will be launched automatically! So you do not need to install anything!

The only requirement is that your handset must supports streaming video (RTSP/3GP with H263/AMR).
But this is something that all Mobile handsets equipped with Web Browsers already have!

You can also upload video from phone by using MMS. But you need to create a upload profile by visiting

YouTube on Mobile Search and other Menu OptionsOne more thing don’t get panic if you are unable to find a video on Mobile YouTube. Yes there is a search feature on Mobile YouTube too. I guess it will be the first thing YouTube developers cared about as they are part of Google family now.

Coming back to the point, currently YouTube have selected library of videos on the mobile website. And it is not the case that videos uploaded from YouTube Mobile profile (via MMS) will be directly featured on Mobile YouTube. So keep this in mind while uploading a video from Mobile (as it may cost you more).

So Happy Broadcasting! šŸ™‚