Hacking MySpace – Watch any users private videos as they are public!

A simple modification to URL and all private videos becomes publicly available! Thats a new hack for MySpace users found by GrownUpGeek!

Although MySpace is not a popular video-sharing site (compare to photo uploaded on it, nevertheless this will surely compromise a MySpace users privacy. Following is trick and screenshot from GrownUpGeek’s post

Copy following URL as it is and insert the Myspace friendID at the end in place of the XXXXX


Check out following screenshot for an example URL!

So if you have some really personal videos its time to move them to another site like YouTube or delete them at all!

Summary: GrownUpGeek’s post


Bapun February 18, 2009

I really dnt get one thing, being the world’s largest social networking sites, cnt they even provide security and privacy to their users?

Leonhart February 25, 2009

It actually worked! Is there any way to watch profile as well? I really need this! Thanks!