Apple iPhone Launch Fever – Top 5 news, rumors, videos, pics, etc flooding my inbox!

Get Ready for iPhone

Just 7 days to go for one of the greatest launch of all the times – The iPhone launch! It looks like its time to create a filter before my inbox gets flooded with iPhone news, rumors, etc! Well as Louise Brown said: “if you can’t return a favor, pass it on!” so I am passing the best of this mess to you!

AT&T hires 2,000 extra workers for iPhone launch (by Reuters)

AT&T Inc. said on Thursday it has hired 2,000 temporary store workers to handle its much-hyped introduction of the iPhone, the first cell phone from iPod music player maker Apple Inc….

AT&T sales staff have received a total of 100,000 hours of training to sell the device…

AT&T stores will close locally at 4.30 p.m. on that Friday to prepare for the launch, then reopen at 6 p.m. until 10 p.m. that night, according to Siegel… (Read More)

iPhone Launch Madness: Crowd Control Systems Ordered! (by The Boy Genius)

AT&T's letter asking stores to prepare with crowd control system!One more confirmation from the leaked doc, is that AT&T stores should “inform landlords in all locations (except enclosed malls) that your store hours will be extended until 10:00PM on Friday, June 29th.” There is also an extremely cheesy mock conversation with what stores should tell their landlords to try and con them to let them stay open late…. (Read More)

Click here to see photocopy of the letter!

YouTube on iphone (by Apple)

YouTube on Apple iPhone right from the launch!iPhone has a special YouTube player that you can launch right from the home screen. So now you can access and browse YouTube videos wherever you go. And when you find a video you want to send your friends, iPhone can even create an email with the link in it for you… (see video)

YouTube has begun encoding its videos in a new format to improve quality and save battery life when viewed over wireless devices… (Read More @ Reuters)

iPhone Won’t Run Full Web (by Mobile Business)

Apple have been claiming in their current TV adverts that “this is not a watered down version of the internet” but Apple’s specifications for web developers tell a different story.Near essential applications such as Flash and Java will not be viewable at all on the iPhone and JavaScript applications will be limited to just five seconds runtime when using the built-in Safari browser… (Read More)

Finally comes fake Chinese iPhone video (courtesy YouTube)

Yes its rumor that iPhone has been already launched in china. Watch the following video or download it!


  • Launch Date: June 29, 2007 @ 6 PM.
  • Expected Price: will range from $500 – $600



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Rahul Bansal August 3, 2007

Lolz… I am not workin with Apple!
By d way wil take it as compliment, so thanks 4 that! 🙂