YouTube Remixer is out! Edit your videos online!

YouTube Remixer - Demonstartion

YouTube Remixer – a new free online tool from YouTube allows you to upload images and video clips to create an edited movie with titles, captions, transitions, etc of your choice thats too online! Once created, just preview and publish video instantly, again online! Yes this is that simple. You can check following screenshot from YouTube itself describing the whole process!

YouTube Remixer - 3 Step Guide

YouTube Remixer - Video TutorialPerhaps its simple and intuitive interface it welcomes you with a quick-start guide. Well you can check out this guide at any time using HELP link in top-right corner of remixer scrren.

The “remixer,” which is branded with an Adobe logo, enables users to create more professional-looking videos by splicing together media such as video clips, photos, music, graphics and other effects, according to information found on the site.

YouTube (actually Google) followed its competitors as Photobucket and Yahoo Video, which offer similar tools.

Technically online editing tools are just one of the software applications designed to tap into the public’s growing fascination with Web video. To use the service, media is stored in a digital bin (temporory folder), where it can be dragged and dropped into a timeline. Playback controls enable a user to make cuts. Controls are provided to add transitions and other special effects.

Finally the finished product can be posted directly back to the YouTube with a touch of a button!

Summary: YouTube Remixer

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