Download Free Guides And Tutorials Using TheGuideDB

Internet is an ocean of knowledge. But getting the correct resources from this huge ocean is not an easy task. Newbie generally face problems in finding the correct resources for learning.

There is a nice search engine for such users known as TheGuideDB by which they can search for various nifty tutorials in few seconds. It is different from normal search engine because it searches only for PDF documents having content like tutorials and guides.

To use this database, type the keyword in the search box and hit the “Search” button, it will redirect you to the available resources.

I found some useful tutorials of WordPress and blogging using this search engine. The other advantage of using this site is it suggests some nice related resources in the sidebar.

Using this site is free of cost and it doesn’t require any registration process. There are total 47.700.000 guides present in the database which is obviously huge in amount. There is a link of top guide and recent guides present on the homepage that can make your search easier.

Check out all the tutorials we have on Devils’ Workshop. 🙂

Top guide contains guide on Apple Iphone, Game, chord, Panasonic, Tv, Dvd and many other objects.

Check out TheGuideDB [via]

F-Secure is a seriously nice tool to protect your phone from theft

Since the advent of Android and iPhone, there are plenty of apps in market that promises to save your mobile from theft. But there are very few companies that are providing solution for multiple platforms.

F-Secure is a nice tool that can secure your mobile from theft. It supports multiple mobile platforms including Symbian, Windows mobile and Android. It supports mobile phones of Google Nexus One, HP, HTC, Nokia, Palm, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and Toshiba.

To use this tool, download and it in your computer. You can also directly download it on your mobile phone. After sending the software in mobile using data cable or bluetooth, install it on your phone.

#LOCK# – Remote Lock Your Phone

Send text SMS #lock#<your code> to your phone to lock it quickly. The phone will lock and it can be open with a correct password only.

#LOCATE# – Locate Your Missing Phone

Send text message: #locate#<your code> to your phone to see its location on a map.

#WIPE# – Remote Wipe Your Phone

If you want to erase all the data then send the text message #wipe#<your code> to your phone to wipe all the data.

Theft Control

If someone find or thefts your phone and tries to replace the SIM card then the phone will automatically lock down and the new SIM number will be sent to you.

That is how your phone will be secured by this software. If you didn’t try it yet then install it in your phone and have a look. This service needs service activation which is done with the help of internet connection. So make sure that your phone is GPRS or WiFi enabled.

Check out F-Secure Anti Theft for Mobile to protect your mobile from theft.

Flash Arrives In Google Chrome Browser, Taking Too Much Time To Update

As promised by Google Chrome, Flash arrives in Chrome stable version on Thursday. Chrome 5.0.376.86, that is the latest stable version of Google Chrome released for Windows, Mac, and Linux users. There are many bug fixes in the latest version, including cross-site scripting vulnerability.

Chrome will automatically update the Flash new version therefore you don’t see any notification to download or update the Flash in your browser. It will definitely increase the security of your browser.

How to get the latest version of Chrome

You can download the latest version from the Chrome official site. If you are existing Chrome user then you can update the old version to latest version by the method given below.

  • To get the latest version of Chrome, you need to update your browser. To update it, go to wrench icon on the top right and click on “About Google Chrome”.

  • Chrome will start checking for update. In my case, it took about 15 minutes to update it to the new version. I think it is because, it downloads the latest version of Flash along with updating it to latest version.

Did you have the same experience to update the Chrome to the latest version? Tell your experience in the comment section.

Gmail Now Supports Word Documents In Browser

Gmail has added a feature by which you can view Microsoft Word documents (.doc and .docx) right inside your browser. Earlier, you need to download, save, and open files with Microsoft office or some other application to view the file. Previously, there was an option to view the file as HTML, and it was unable to open docx file. This facility was already available for .pdf, .ppt, and .tiff files.

To view the document in browser, just click on “View” link given below the attached file. The file will open in the new tab. You can do plenty of things with the file. You can download, print, open the file in plain HTML, edit the document online using Google Docs and save the document in your Google docs account.

Microsoft recently introduced web version of office and rolling a new hotmail features in which office is included. This added feature of Gmail is definitely a nice reply to Microsoft office.

View .doc attachments right in your browser [via The Official Gmail Blog]

Create A Free Logo Using LogoSnap

If you are starting your own blog and don’t have budget for designing a new logo then you should check out LogoSnap, a free service to create interactive logo in few minutes. Just visit the site and make a logo in 4 easy steps.

First you have to choose your profession. It will give you an attractive icons set.

You can select among large amount of symbols given. You can sort symbols according to various categories given on the left.

Now the step 3 is to customize your logo. Select the font and colors. There are fonts suggested by the tool itself. You can always select other fonts to design it. You can flip, rotate, zoom and scale the logo to check it in various aspects.

After you satisfied with it, move on to step 4 and register with the service. After registration, you can download logos in JPGM PNG and EPS formats. Your logo will be saved in your account and you can browse it anytime.

This site is free to use and its interface is dead simple. This site also offer paid service to create a custom logo. So if you don’t have contact with designers then you can move to this site for the custom logo design.

You might like to also read up on guess the correct logo game for brand geeks.

Check out LogoSnap to create free logo easily.

AudioExpert: Edit And Convert Sound Files Online

Audioexpert is a multifunctional online tool that can be used for editing sounds. Apart from editing sounds you can convert the sound from one file format to other.

To get started with the service, you need to sign up with the service. Before editing the sound file, you need to upload it to the server of the service. It supports up to 100 MB files. After conversion, you’ll get the download link to download the converted file.

You can cut or crop audio files of various file formats. Also you can merge different files into one file. It convert files from one file format to another. It supports different file formats (WAV, MP3, OGG, M4A, AAC, FLAC, AU, AMR, WMA, MKA).


  • Easily converts and edit document online.
  • Change the file format, bit rate, frequency of the file easily.
  • Supports batch conversion.
  • Upload files up to 100 MB in size.
  • Sign up is required.
  • Free to use.
  • Merge multiple files into single track.
  • Record audio and save it directly to WAV, MP3, WMA, OGG or other available file formats.

Check out AudioExpert to quickly edit and convert sound files online.

Show Your Support to Your Favorite World Cup Team Using Bing’s Flair Facebook App

World cup has been started on 11th of June and its fever is already gripped the whole world. Sites like Google and Twitter already brought new flavors to enjoy the event. The latest addition in the list is Microsoft Bing. It launched a new Facebook application known as Fan Flair by which you can edit your photos. You can visit Facebook fan page of Microsoft Bing and add an application easily.

It lets you add  some effects on your Facebook photo. Effects include flag, football and scarf of your favorite team to support it. To start with the service you have to visit a Bing’s official Facebook page.

  1. Go to Fan Flair tab and click on “Get started” button.

  1. It will redirect you to “Request for Permission” page. Click “Allow”.

  1. Now the application will ask you to select your photo. You can use your profile picture or choose one of the photo of your own albums. Here I selected the profile picture.

  1. Now select your favorite team. Mine favorite is Brazil therefore I clicked on Brazil’s flag.

  1. Select your flavor. There are total three flavors: scarf, ball and flag. I selected all the three. ( You can see it in the screenshot given below). You can select only one of them or two of them.

  1. After selecting the flairs you can post your photograph to your wall to show your support to others. If you don’t want to show it in your wall then you can save it to your Facebook photos.

That’s it. You can encourage your friends to add the application share the edited photographs. You can also check out 5 websites to watch FIFA World Cup 2010 live online for free.

LaunchList: Your Website Checklist Before Launch

How many of you take care of the various important factors before launching your website or blog? There are number of factors that should be checked before launch of any successful website. Most important factors are design part, content part and SEO part.

LaunchList is a useful service that reminds you about basic factors involves in launching a website. Currently there is a checklist consists of 28 basic tasks.

Tasks include spelling error, page and content formatting, print stylesheets, meta data, page title, image tags, title tags, favicon, footer links, HTML validation, CSS, broken links, validity in different browsers, error free JavaScript,  resolution, 404 error page and many more.

To use this site, you have to give your name, email ID and address of your website or blog. You can also send the checklist report to any other person (clients) via email. After checking all the factors when you click the “Submit Report” button, it will show you the result.

This easy to use service is free to use and no sign up is required. You can always add your own tasks if you won’t find it in the checklist.

Check out LaunchList to check the important tasks before launching your website.

TinkrRoulette: Huge Collection Of Funny Videos

Apart from browsing Twitter, Facebook and playing online games, many times people search for funny videos on sites like YouTube and Metacafe to get rid of boring moments in life. TinkrRoulette is a website which has awesome collection of funny videos. This site has a video collection from the top video hosting sites like YouTube, Google Videos, DailyMotion and Metacafe.

When you visit the site, you don’t need to search for videos. It automatically assign four random videos and displays it to the home page. These videos are fetched from more than 30 video hosting sites. Click the play button to play the video.

If you want to change the videos, just click on the “Spin” button given at the bottom. After clicking, it will show you four new videos from random sites.

If you’ll get four different videos from the same sites, i.e. four videos from YouTube on the same page then you’ll get the jackpot. It also displays total jackpots on the top of the page. I don’t know what’s the prize money because I didn’t hit the jackpot while spinning the videos. If you’ve got any then tell us in the comment section.

Check out TinkrRoulette to watch funny videos and leave your views by dropping in your comments.

Kadaza: Visual And Customized Homepage For Your Browser

Deciding a better homepage is not an easy task. Some people love as a home page, while other tend towards social media sites like Facebook, Twitter or other important sites such as Gmail, Yahoo, YouTube, ESPN etc.

Kadaza is a web service that provides an easy an attractive solution of homepage. It replaces the current homepage by a visually attractive homepage having many links in the thumbnail form. You can click on those thumbnail to easily visit those sites.

The main advantage of this service is it has lots of choices. For example if you are a movie fan and want to see movie sites as your homepage then simply click on the “Movies & Tv” link given on the left. It will display all the links related to movies and television shows. Similarly you can set other categories according to your choice.

The site has more than four hundred categories for home page and having thousands of links. A search bar is located at the top of the page to easily search the web. The default search engine is Google, while you can change it anytime to Bing or Yahoo.

How to make Kadaza your Homepage?

The below given screenshot explains the process of setting Kadaza as a homepage in browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. Just follow the instruction.

No registration is required to use this site. You can always customize the start page according to your choice. Also there are themes to spice your browsing experience.

If you liked reading this post you might want to read up on productive start page for Chrome browser.

Check out Kadaza, a visual homepage for your browser and let us know what you think about it through your comments.