LaunchList: Your Website Checklist Before Launch

How many of you take care of the various important factors before launching your website or blog? There are number of factors that should be checked before launch of any successful website. Most important factors are design part, content part and SEO part.

LaunchList is a useful service that reminds you about basic factors involves in launching a website. Currently there is a checklist consists of 28 basic tasks.


Tasks include spelling error, page and content formatting, print stylesheets, meta data, page title, image tags, title tags, favicon, footer links, HTML validation, CSS, broken links, validity in different browsers, error free JavaScript,  resolution, 404 error page and many more.

To use this site, you have to give your name, email ID and address of your website or blog. You can also send the checklist report to any other person (clients) via email. After checking all the factors when you click the “Submit Report” button, it will show you the result.


This easy to use service is free to use and no sign up is required. You can always add your own tasks if you won’t find it in the checklist.

Check out LaunchList to check the important tasks before launching your website.