Blogger To WordPress Migration Professional Service Launched

Update: Get updated information about Blogger to WordPress Migration Domain here.

More than 2 years ago, I released my first WordPress plugin for Blogger To WordPress Permalink Redirection. A year later, I wrote a fullproof guide to migrate blogs to WordPress without loosing permalinks, SEO juice and traffic.

Apart from free plugin and guide, we were offering professional migration service from long time to help bloggers who either did not have technical skills or time or both to do their migration themselves.

After helping many bloggers with our professional service, we decided to launch a new portal – This portal gives detailed information regarding features of our service and available packages, answers FAQ, lists blogs we have migrated among other details.

In this professional service, we will be doing additional things that we did not cover before like migrating images from server to your wordpress server using our own tool.

This is our first portal, so please let us know if u have any suggestion to improve.

Link: Blogger To WordPress Migration Professional Service

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Rahul Bansal

I am a geek (wordpress), blogger (tech) & entrepreneur (rtCamp)

  • Puneet Jain

    I know how to migrate blogspot blog to wordpress without losing permalinks, but I have no idea how to migrate images from server to wordpress server

    • Rahul Bansal

      It can be achieved using shell scripting and curl.
      As of now codes are bit complicated to release as a wordpress plugin.
      But in future we will try to release it as a separate wordpress plugin in open-source.

  • Rahul

    I read your old post long before. I will try on my other blogspot.

    • Rahul Bansal

      I see you on blogspot still with a sub-domain.
      Better get a domain first. You can register one through
      I know its not as cheap as godaddy but you will get a lot of support from our team like free setup of ur domain for your blog. etc.

  • JK@techtrickz

    This is my first visit and this is great news to me. We wish a great success for your professional service and expecting an affordable service from you.

    It is great to know that Harsh Agrawal & Rahul Bansal is your team members as I heard about them, especially Harsh, previously.

    • Rahul Bansal

      Thanks for your wishes. I am late to reply but we will be soon launching a new “feature” which will help more people take advantage of this service. :-)

  • Sreejesh

    Good job!!! I hope you guys will get a great response from bloggers and remember “Google is watching you for stealing their users from Blogger”

    • Rahul Bansal

      We know that this is a bit negative to Google but is always treated us well.
      They never complained against our service as well in last 2 years time. ;-)

  • Blogging + Tech Blog

    Nice service for Blogger users. A few of my friends were searching for this. I will suggest this service to my friends.

    • Rahul Bansal

      You may like to put your friends on hold till August 1. There will be a surprise for fellow bloggers like you. :-)

  • Anshul

    rtCamp has come a long way.. All the best for this new venture..

    • Rahul Bansal

      Thanks Anshul. With wishes of fellow bloggers like you, we are ready to take this service to the next level. :-)

  • Sourish | Start A Blog

    Thats a nice professional looking website / blog . Who designed it btw ?

    • Rahul Bansal

      Its designed by us only. :-)
      We design wordpress theme for our clients also.

  • Siva Ganesh

    Nice .. i thought of moving from Blogger to wordpress before 1 year ago. but i din get this kinda information.
    Now iam in Website powered by wordpress.
    Would help the newbies .. Good work

    • Rahul Bansal

      Glad to know you are on wordpress. Its really way better than

  • Osho Garg

    Gr8 Post Thanks Very Much :)

    • Rahul Bansal

      Thanks Osho :)

  • Blogger Tips and Tricks

    Good Work Rahul :) Good Information for me..

    • Rahul Bansal

      Thanks Buddy :)

  • hacker9

    hmnn looks great service, thinking of migrating to wordpress,..soon i will.

    • Rahul Bansal

      If you need our service, specially a wordpress theme matching your amazing blog layout, you can contact us.

  • Simrandeep Singh

    When I migrated to wordpress I did all the work myself. Its very easy to move blogger blog to wordpress.

    • Rahul Bansal

      Yep. Its easy techies. Thats why many people still use free guide posted by me.
      By the way we wrote our own app because no-matter how geek you are, wordpress convertor creates issues in some cases.
      Like for non-english blogs, weird characters gets inserted into post-title and post-content.
      For blogs with thousands of comments, some comments gets skipped in many cases.
      All such issues which are encountered by folks using our free guide has been take care by our own app. ;-)

  • Addison Jackson

    i host 5 of my blogs on Blogspot and it is really good for beginners. but if you want something with more features, nothing beats wordpress””,

    • Rahul Bansal

      I agree that BlogSpot is good starting point.
      I myself started on Blogger like many. :)

  • krookpit

    Will surely try it.

    • Rahul Bansal

      Glad to know that :-)

  • Rahul Bansal

    As I have hinted in my last few comments, our new offering is here. :-)

    We have launched “Blogger To WordPress Affiliate Program” through which you can earn upto $50 per referral.

    For more details, please check –

  • Satyajit

    i liked your post…i want to migrate my blog to wordpress…..plz suggest me the starting step….:)
    Waiting for ur reply…