How to change Role of a Facebook Page Admin

Facebook finally added a much awaited feature which is very useful for Facebook Page Owners. This feature was missing from Facebook pages from a very long time and that’s why we suggested you to keep your Facebook Pages with a single Admin only.

Different types of Admin Roles:

Facebook now added five different types of admin roles i.e. Manager, Content Creator, Moderator, Advertiser and Insight Analyst. The manager is same as the owner or admin of page having all the privileges and highest degree of permissions for that page. Content creator is the same as a Manager but he can’t add or remove any other member as admin. Moderator can comment or delete comments but cannot create a new post. Advertiser can create an ad and view page insights and the Insight Analyst can just see the page insights. Check out the table below for more clarification.

Facebook pages admin roles

How to Change Admin Roles:

To add an admin or change the role of an existing admin click on “Edit Page” on the top of page and then select “Admin Roles” from the drop down list. Then either add the name of new admin or select their Role from the drop down list given with their names and click “Save”. Check the screenshot below:

facebook admin roles

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