JustDial: Call in your search query

Most people who use search engines often use it for looking up local information. Google Search is quite handy to look up phone numbers for restaurants, hospitals and other important details you might require.


But what if I did not have access to the internet. Well I can always call up a friend and request him to search for an address or phone number. A few days ago I needed to find some phone numbers to all the hospitals in the locality I live in. I called this service JustDial and got all the information I needed. They sent me the address via email and also sent me the address and contact numbers through SMS. This was quite handy to look up locally listed businesses or services on the go.

Just Dial on Internet


Just Dial on Phone

I have used this service a few times, it is a great help during emergencies. Not everyone has internet access over a cell phone. People who are not really into using internet website can also use this service with a simple call from any land-line. :-)

So what do you think? Is it the best local search engine for India as they claim. I definitely think their boast is accurate.

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