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Chrome Overtakes IE: Becomes most popular Browser Worldwide!


Browsers war at the desktop level seemed to be getting predictable. Developers might still swear by Firefox and some older Windows versions like XP, still have Internet Explorer as its best bet, most people are generally in adopting Chrome. According to StatCounter, Chrome has overtaken Internet Explorer to become the most used browser worldwide. Usage […]

Microsoft Ad Campaign Calls IE “The Browser You Loved to Hate”


Internet Explorer has steadily lost out in the battle of the browsers. Yes, it is still the most used browser but that is mainly because it is the default browser on the most popular Operating System. Chrome in recent years has become increasingly popular and the general reputation of Internet Explorer has taken a nose dive […]

Choose and Add Web Apps for Your PC with ALOT Toolbar


Web apps have changed a lot with more and more people using add-ons instead of toolbars. This is mainly because most toolbars are limited in its scope and add-on allow a variety of functions from managing Facebook, Twitter and even your email accounts. ALOT Toolbar allows sharing links, searching for content and looking up social […]

Microsoft Sending a Message with IE 10 Preview!


IE 10 Microsoft has almost always tied up the development of Internet Explorer browser with Windows. Whenever a new version of Windows is shipped out, the IE browser’s version also gets an upgrade. Windows XP came with IE6, Windows Vista had IE7 and Windows 7 had IE8 pre-installed. The reception to the browser versions also […]

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