[Video Player] VLC Beta is Available on Android

I love using VLC media player. It is the best way to watch a movie on my laptop. My favorite reasons for using VLC player are the add-ons which enable me to find and download subtitles from the player itself or another add-on that gets me related information from Wikipedia about the movie I am viewing.

As I use a Android phone, I am quite kicked about seeing VLC Beta on Google Play.

VLC on Android: Features

  • Most music and video files on your phone should play easily on VLC player for Android.
  • Users can avail of a media library and supports browsing through folders.
  • The media player has the usual features like support for auto-rotation, aspect-ratio adjustments and volume adjustments on touch surface.

VLC Beta for Android is requires Android 2.1 or higher but the added requirement is that this beta version works only devices with CPU ARMv7. Versions for different devices will be released soon.

If you are a fan of VLC on Desktop and want it on your Android phone or tablet, give it a try and drop in your comments and views.

Link: VLC Beta for Android

Dropbox Introduces Streaming of Video Files on Android ICS

If you bought a Android phone recently there is a change that you received a 20 GB bonus storage space with Dropbox. Dropbox has been introducing a lot of great incentives for users on Android platform and continuing in that mode they have now introducedvideo streaming for Android 4 (ICS) users.

Yesterday, Dropbox released an update on Google Play. The update allows ICS platform users, the option of streaming their videos from their Dropbox account rather than download them on the phone. This saves a great deal of memory space for phones.

Why video streaming makes sense for mobile platforms?

Android phones are not the same everywhere, like say an iPhone. This means a lot of Android phones might not have a lot of internal memory. Video files are usually large sized. So downloading them from the cloud to watch them is not really a ideal.

Streaming of video files stored on Dropbox, makes sense as I can view my home videos from my Dropbox account. This saves me a lot of memory on my phone.

I think Google Drive will also soon bring this about, especially once it starts selling movies on Google Play. Dropbox is probably pre-empting it and what better platform to do it on, other than Google’s very own Android.

Link: Dropbox on Google Play

Google+ Hangouts Can Become Public Broadcasts!

Google+ started out pretty much as a much better designed copy of Facebook. The user-interface and privacy options certainly earned it some approval but people in general did not flock to it in droves. That is because, you cannot dislodge a leader (read Facebook) by just creating a clone of it.

Google seems to be realizing this and has started leveraging its one truly different product called Hangouts.
Yesterday, Google announced that users can publicly broadcast their Hangouts.

How to start Public Broadcast of Hangouts!

  • Start a hangout with your Google+ friends. A new option to broadcast Hangouts will be available.
  • Select it and start with the Hangout. The whole Hangout will be available on your Google+ profile publicly. Google+ users will be able to watch it live.
  • What makes Hangouts more interesting is that the public Hangouts will also be streamed on your YouTube channel. It can also be embedded on a website or blog.
Check the video below that shows a demo of public broadcast of a Google+ Hangout.

Skype needs to watch out!

I remember writing a post on 5 companies that Google+ could put out of business. One of them was Skype and that is because currently, it is used often to record online interviews. Hangouts could potentially replace Skype and its relevancy very quickly.

What are your views on Public Broadcasting of Hangouts? Do drop in your comments.

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YouTube Improves Stabilization Features for Videos Shot with Mobile Cameras!

Home videos are a lot of fun and in recent years, thanks to YouTube everyone uploads a few that can be shared with your friends and family living in distant places.

Unfortunately not everyone is an expert with a camera and hence a lot of home videos end up being shaky with distortions.

YouTube itself has a nice tool to stabilize shaky videos automatically. Unfortunately these did not work as well with videos shot with a mobile phones. Mobile phone cameras have an electronic rolling camera shutter which ends up distorting the image especially if the camera is moved.

According to Google’s Research Blog, videos shot on mobile phones will be automatically compensated for rolling shutter distortions.

Use YouTube Editor to Stabilize your Videos

  • Access your videos on YouTube Editor and select the video you want to stabilize.
  • YouTube will automatically stabilize any shaky videos and also work wonders with videos shot with mobile phones.

Check this demo from YouTube on how well video stabilization works.

Video Before Stabilization:

Video After Stabilization:

Seeing how well YouTube stabilizes videos, it might be a good idea to upload all those shaky mobile home videos and stabilize them. In case you are uploading your personal videos it might be a good idea to not make them public and share them only via a URL.

What are your views on YouTube’s stabilization features? Do drop in your comments.

Stabilize Shaky Camera Motion on YouTube Videos

YouTube not only has the latest videos on music, entertainment and current events, but it is very popular way for sharing home videos with friends and family.

Home Videos are often shot usually on hand-held cameras and one issue is the camera is usually not stable and appears to be quite shaky. This is very evident especially on videos shot from a mobile phone.

YouTube now allows users to stabilize shaky camera motions on uploaded videos with a simple click of a button in new ‘edit’ mode.

How to Edit Your YouTube Videos

Login to your YouTube account and look up the list of all the videos you have uploaded.

A new option ‘Edit’ will show up with every video. Click on it to get into the Edit mode for that video.

In the ‘Edit’ mode of the video, simply click on ‘Stabilize’ button and the shaky video does improve a great deal.

Other than the stabilize feature there are other options like color correction, rotate video, changing color intensity and adding other effects.

If you edit a popular video which has been viewed more than a 1000 times, then a new video is created. All edited changes can also be undone if you are not happy with the changes .

See a video below with all details on Editing Videos on YouTube

Do drop in your comments.

Migrate from Google Videos to YouTube automatically!

A few days ago, I wrote how Google is closing down Google Videos and expects people to download their videos and then upload them to YouTube individually. Considering YouTube is owned by Google, it was quite disappointing that a more simple method was not arranged by Google.

Google probably got a lot of angry mail from Google Video users and they have decided to basically undo the closing down of Google Video.

Moving from Google Video to YouTube

People who used Google Video can download their videos like before but also directly upload them to YouTube without the need to download and upload all the videos individually.

  • Also the 29th April 2011, deadline for closing Google Video has been removed and video content will be accessible beyond that time.
  • This seems to be a complete U-turn by Google and it seems it now is not too keen on shutting down Google Video but only letting it die a natural death.

This change of decision is quite amusing from Google and it seems it is getting back to it’s geek roots. If you remember Gmail and other new products we often improved based on user feedback, and that is why they made such progress. In the past couple of years we have seen Google become more like other tech companies. So the change of attitude is welcome, maybe it is because of a new CEO at helm? 😀

Do drop in your comments.

Source: YouTube Blog

Google Video Shutdown: Moving to YouTube is an Inconvenience

I am not sure many of your might have known of a service called Google Video. The service allows users to search for videos along with uploading videos they might have online.

Google Video was created as a competitor to YouTube but the latter simply took an unassailable lead. Google then bought YouTube and today it does play host to several hundreds of millions of videos and equal number of users.

So Google has realized that maintaining to similar services was not really useful and decided to shut down Google Videos. Message on Google Video’s website reads:

On April 29 2011, uploaded videos will no longer be available for playback.

Now when we access our videos on Google Videos, a download button shows up and we can download the files in FLV format.

Moving from Google Video to YouTube is difficult!

  • The message is short and simple but if you have some videos on Google Video and want it transferred to your YouTube account, the method is not at all short and simple.
  • First we need to download all the video files on our computer and then separately upload them on YouTube.
  • I find it difficult to belive, how Google will retain Google Video users to YouTube with this strange request. I mean if you are moving files from one service to another by the same company there should be an easier and automated way.

I guess Google has gone a little lazy and instead of coming up with an online tool to transfer from Google Videos to YouTube or Picasa account, it has left the burden on users themselves.

Another reason might be that the usage on Google Video might be so low, that Google does not want to waste time on creating an online tool for it specifically.

What are your views on lack of a simpler system to move videos from Google Videos to YouTube? Do drop in your comments.

Link: Google Videos

Shufflr – Browse and Play Videos Shared by Your Friends

When it comes to finding something, I Google it. This is true for tutorials, manuals and even just looking up the news.
When it comes to videos, we often end up watching what our friends do. This is thanks to Facebook and Twitter. Videos when they go viral are usually spread through social networking sites.

Shufflr is a video player which shows you videos according to your interests and also taps into your social sphere.

About Shufflr.Tv

  • First I had to download the software on my computer. A good this is that it is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux systems.
  • We also have to register on Shufflr and create an account. This will prompt for atleast 4 tags you like.
  • Based on what you put out there as categories you are interested in, it will stream you videos.
  • Another great feature is that I could link up Shufflr with my Twitter and Facebook account. This makes my video list very social. 🙂

Here is video that covers some basics of Shufflr.

If you are interested in having a desktop application to view online videos, then Shufflr seems like a great option. Do try it out and let me know your views through your comments.
Thank you @pryankaa for the tip.

Link: Shufflr TV

VLC Keyboard Shortcuts to Fix Audio/Video Delay in Movies

One of the most irritating part while watching a movie on your computer is the delay between the audio/video streams! I see many friends often downloading a different print of the same movie. That’s a lot of work for most broadband users in India and many other countries.

But if you are using the VLC media player, then you can simply synchronize audio/video using keyboard shortcuts “f” and “g” as highlighted in the screenshot below. After some trial and error you will get the characters’ lip-synced.

On Windows OS, if “f” and “g” do not work, try “CTRL+F” and “CTRL+G” respectively. You can also edit keyboard shortcuts by clicking on “Change” button in same window (see following screenshot again)

Link: VideoLAN – VLC Media Player

Show your Creativity using Google products on Demo Slam

Creativity knows no bounds. We saw how Apple’s popular gadgets are being used as instruments for live performances on stage. One of my friend recently shared a nice website with me called “Google Demo Slam”. The website is  a showcase for users to upload their videos using any of the Google Technology in their general lives. The way it has been portrayed is a kind of a challenge as using Technology feels so nice but creating one needs guts!

One of the interesting videos in Google Demo Slam

Watching the above video might have been a real explanation to what all you can watch at Demo Slam! You can even upload your own videos to explain any of the Google technologies to the world in your own style. Isn’t that all are really interesting efforts from Google to make the World more transparent and friendly?

Don’t forget to check out the Do’s and Don’ts for posting your own video.

Post your suggestions and any video links you might have watched at Demo Slam.

LINK: Demo Slam