Migrate from Google Videos to YouTube automatically!

A few days ago, I wrote how Google is closing down Google Videos and expects people to download their videos and then upload them to YouTube individually. Considering YouTube is owned by Google, it was quite disappointing that a more simple method was not arranged by Google.

Google probably got a lot of angry mail from Google Video users and they have decided to basically undo the closing down of Google Video.

Moving from Google Video to YouTube

People who used Google Video can download their videos like before but also directly upload them to YouTube without the need to download and upload all the videos individually.


  • Also the 29th April 2011, deadline for closing Google Video has been removed and video content will be accessible beyond that time.
  • This seems to be a complete U-turn by Google and it seems it now is not too keen on shutting down Google Video but only letting it die a natural death.

This change of decision is quite amusing from Google and it seems it is getting back to it’s geek roots. If you remember Gmail and other new products we often improved based on user feedback, and that is why they made such progress. In the past couple of years we have seen Google become more like other tech companies. So the change of attitude is welcome, maybe it is because of a new CEO at helm? 😀

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Source: YouTube Blog


Navan April 24, 2011

I didn’t know this easy steps. Thank you for the tips. It’s really very easy. I like it. Thank you.

Navan June 17, 2011

Google videos in youtube is a great ways to find them. But youtube videos and google videos is not same. Both are different in different aspect. It is worst things I think.