YoStranger Lets You Perform Video Chat and Make New Friends Online

YoStranger is a video chatting sites on which you can chat with random people and make new friends. It requires signup process therefore we can’t say it an anonymous chat site. You can sign in with your Gmail, Facebook, Twitter or Open ID account. After signing in it asks you to create a user-name and giving an email ID.

It is safe to use in comparison to previous discussed Omegle, because the site has your email ID as your identity and other random user can see your profile.

Apart from chatting with random visitors, you can search for people present on the YoStranger. You can also send a message to him.

By default, it takes 10 second for the allotment of random visitors. When the visitor allot to you, you can start video chatting. If you feel anytime that the chat is going in wrong direction, you can always hold the chat and switch to some other user.

The other advantage of using this site is nudity and obscene behavior is not allowed on the site. The account of such user may get banned by the administrators of this site.

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Check out YoStranger to talk with anonymous people and make new friends online. Let us know your views and opinions about YoStranger through your comments.

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bluma6 February 12, 2011

The link is broken 🙁 In the mean time, another very good website with similar features is chatocracy.com 🙂