Printing in Chrome OS: Google Cloud Print

This is a guest post by Mohit, if you like to showcase your article at Devils’ Workshop do  read: Devils’ Workshop revenue sharing program. Google chrome OS is all about cloud. All the applications will be on cloud (web apps) such as Gmail, Twitter, Google Docs. You’ll be able to do almost everything on cloud […]

ReactOS: Free, Opensource alternative to Windows! A Preview.

This is a guest post by Tushar, if you like to write for Devils’ Workshop, do read Devils’ Workshop revenue sharing program. We all know about free Linux based operating systems, free open-source office and graphics softwares, and so on! Open-source softwares are future of computing software! No doubt!  But open-source does not only mean […]

Subititles & TV Out for iPhone/iPod Touch video

The best way to get soft-subtitles on your iPhone / iPod Touch video which you can switch ON/OFF & watch these videos on your bigger TV! Read ahead… There are many users who are not well-informed of the fact that video on iPhone/iPod Touch has support for soft subtitles. This is nothing else than subtitles […]

5 Reasons Why a Blogger Should Subscribe to Other Blogs

Bloggers often forget to subscribe to their own feed and email updated. here are 5 reasons why any one should subscribe to their blog feed and email updates. If you have not subscribe to your Blog feeds, you should know this 5 reasons and subscribe to your blog updates now.

Browser Plugins to See Mutual Friends on twitter

Whenever i come across any profile, i would want to know, who i have in common or, Which of my friends are following him? And since, all of his updates would be visible on my twitter page, so, Is he reliable enough to follow back? Since most of the twitter users still use to access their twitter accounts. The plugins below, will let them discover mutual friends, from their twitter domains.