4 Tools to Preview and Compare Installed Fonts

If you’re a designer or even a site owner, then you will be having lots of fonts installed on your system and obviously you will feel irritating about which font to choose when designing a logo or choosing fonts for your site. Luckily, there are many tools which can help us in comparing fonts installed on a PC. Through this, you can visualize all those fonts installed on your PC, so it eventually saves you a lot of time!

#1. Wordmark.it

This is the best among the three sites I have found for previewing fonts! It also provides PRO accounts through which you can save selections for later reference, toggle between upper case and lower case previews etc. Luckily Wordmark.it is providing PRO accounts for free (free for first month of use), you just need to signup to get the PRO account.

#2. Font Picker

Font Picker is available in web as well as desktop versions. To run the desktop app, you need to have Adobe AIR installed on your PC which you can get here. The desktop app is almost similar to the web version. Click the “cross” button beside a font so that you will be left with a small list of desired fonts. It would be better if there was a feature to save font selections for later reference (like, in Wordmark).

#3. FontMatrix

This is one of the best font managers for Windows, besides general tasks like previewing, installing and uninstalling fonts; it can also extract fonts from PDF files and images! It gives complete information of each font including its type, family and even its designer! Another innovative feature is, if you like a font, then you can find other fonts which are similar to that. It supports Windows, Linux and Mac (OS X).

#4. NexusFont

It has a very sleek interface resembling Mac OS X. You can create sets so you can preview all similar fonts under one set, for example I have created a set “Hand Writing” and grouped all the Hand writing fonts under it, so the next time you’re looking for a good Hand writing font, you don’t need to search.

There are many more tools for Windows but I reviewed the best ones that I found useful. Do drop in your comments.

Additional Tip:

If you’re running Mac (OS X) then you might want to checkout FontCase. 🙂


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