5 Twitter application websites which you need to try out – Part II

In my previous article on Twitter(web 2.0) application I have mentioned 5 websites that you should try. As a succeeding article to that I have prepared a new list of Twitter(web 2.0) application websites Which You Should Try part-II. Presently around 100 Million tweets and 700 Tweets updating per every second Twitter is considered to be at its best and is in a stage that is raising the doubt that it may cross Google some day (traffic).

From past 2 years it has been one of the few websites whose graph is seeking up and up as the day passes. Its present Alexa rank is 12. Which may be the reason that few services are just concentrating on the Twitter Applications.

Previously Digital Inspiration have developed a new Twitter Application “Sleeping Time” which gives you the Sleeping time of your Friends or Celebrities etc who are using Twitter. I have made another list of 5 web 2.0 twitter application service providing websites. Check them out

  1. Hello Txt
  2. Qwitter
  3. Bubble Tweet
  4. Celebrity Tweet
  5. Shout em

Hello Txt

Hello Txt is a Status Manager that which enables your status updates across all of your Social Networks and Microblogs with just a single click. So your status messages will be updates to various services like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, etc. <link>


Qwitter is a online tool that is designed to let you know my mailing you when someone stops following you. If someone stops following you it send you the mail that “Certain person stopped following you.” <link>

Bubble Tweet

Its simply fun if you have Twitter account and you have allowed the Bubble Tweet application. Bubble Tweet is simply a fun, easy to use, free video solution to use anytime you want to visually interact with your followers. <link>

Celebrity Tweets

This is the real time Twitter Feed that which collects the tweets of the Celebrities (verified accounts) who uses Twitter on a regular basis. <link>

Shout em

You can create and run all kinds of networks for different purposes. You can build a network for you City, College etc. It is one of the best places that will allow to advertise for free among your network. <link>

Do let us know which one is your favorite among all of the above?