Google Accuses Bing of Copying Search Results!

Google has accused Microsoft’s Bing search of copying their search results. The controversy came up thanks to Google’s search feature which offers corrections to wrong spellings of search queries. Google announced that back in the summer of 2010, they found that the search query ‘torsoraphy‘ when entered on Google search returned the correct spelling as ‘tarsorrhaphy‘.

This you can see in the image below.

Now with a screenshot released by Google a similar search on Bing gave no search results until suddenly it gave similar search results but without the correction for the misspelt word.

There are many more same results showing up on Bing and Google, especially for odd and strange queries.

How Bing is copying Google?

Google suspects that Microsoft is using some features of Internet Explorer 8. The browser can send date back to Microsoft via suggested sites features. Also this information could have been mined through the Bing toolbar used by IE 8 users.

This issue is probably very embarrassing for Bing and Google is literally scathing in its post by calling Bing as a cheap imitation!

I always preferred Google over Bing because of its simple way of showing useful information related to the search query. Google vs Bing war will continue for sometime more but I think Google has squarely proven it is far ahead of Bing.

In the end Microsoft would probably be wondering, how could a word like ‘tarsorrhaphy cause so much trouble?

What are you views on Bing and Google? Which one do you prefer? Do drop in your comments.

Source: Google’s Blog


Themsay February 3, 2011

Google is the big name in search and Bing will do anything they could to be engine too.
Today when I need google, I MUST try bing to be sure of my answers that simply mean Bing maybe my first tomorrow.

Amit kumar February 4, 2011

nice article thanks for sharing

Aditya Kane February 4, 2011

Thanks Amit, glad to know you liked it.

sudhir September 24, 2011

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