Google captures reCAPTCHA

Have you noticed those squiggly styled words while registering at a website?  Well that is Captcha technology. Its a contrived acronym and stands for Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart. All the bold words coming together form CAPTCHA 🙂 Most Email sites use this technology. Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo use […]

New Sports Calender with Google

Google Calendar is a great online tool by Google especially if you have to remember anniversaries, birthdays, important dates and public holidays 😉 It does come with a very handy choice to use country specific public holidays. Whats more you can even share the calendar with people on your Gmail list. Now Google has added […]

Google’s Chrome 3.0 beta becomes Chrome 3.0 stable

Chrome 3.0 is available for download now as a stable version and is no longer in Beta.
The release comes after 21 beta and 15 stable updates and is considered to be not just more stable than its predecessors but also much more fast.
It shows that now Google has confidence in its browsers to be released in a more wider base.

How will Microsoft’s Zune HD impact Apple’s iPod Touch?

Microsoft has finally launched Zune HD and a week ago Apple had launched the new iPod Touch along with a upgraded iPod Nano. I was wondering how these two products will compete with each other. Round One Zune HD is priced at $219 for a 16GB version and the 32GB one is priced at $289. […]

Tag friends on Facebook with Twitter like @ Symbol

If copying is the best form of flattery then Twitter must be feeling really flattered by Facebook over the last few days.

First the advent of Facebook Lite and its pretty obvious way of makings its interface look like a Twitter layout on steroids. Now the latest form of flattery shown by Facebook towards Twitter is that you can use the ‘@’ symbol to tag your friends like you do in Twitter.

YouTube wants to show Rental Movies!

The latest news about YouTube is that it is negotiating with major Hollywood studios to show movies on rental basis. The idea is not new, Apple’s iTunes already does and sells movies online but if YouTube started showing rental movies online it would be the first time YouTube will end up charging its users for […]

So whats different about Facebook Lite?

Yesterday I wrote a post about Facebook Lite being available for Facebook users in the US and India. I checked out Facebook Lite and was quite impressed with it. So I decided to compare the two. I wonder with Facebook Lite being available, does the normal Facebook become Facebook Heavy? 😉 What is different? Facebook […]