How To Download 100% Working Verified Torrents

With a huge potential targets, bittorent sites are now the most safest place for hackers and spammers. In the past few months I’ve noticed more and more infected torrents getting getting popular. Some torrents are password-protected others contain malicious viruses, and there’s even fake torrents to lure in unsuspecting torrenters.So how can we know before […]

How to Connect your Xbox 360 to USB modem Quickly

Most of us connect our XBox 360 to internet using a router via normal ethernet cable. But what if you’re having only a usb broadband dongle? This device sadly can’t just be put into one of the three USB ports on the Xbox 360. So you will definitely need a computer or a laptop with […]

Convert PDF files to DOC,HTML and TXT format easily

As you might know there are many tools which convert Microsoft documents into pdf formats and we have discussed about it before. But what about the tool which does the other way around. Portable document format or PDF was created by Adobe systems for document exchange. This format is independent of the application software, hardware […]

How to Copy Music and Videos from your iPhone to your Computer

Most of us might be using an iPod or even an iPhone to carry our favorite music collection everywhere. Usually I load my iPod with all the latest music releases which I’m able to collect from my friends and relatives computer. But the problem comes when we want to copy those songs from the Apple device [ipod/iphone] onto our computer. iTunes simply doesn’t allow you to do this. So how do you copy your favorite music from your iphone to computer.

Make Money From Your Travel Blogs

There are tons of ways to make money online. Either it can be through various product promotions, pay per click ads, affiliate programs or even by shortening links. Out of this affiliate programs can really pull some big money if you can bring targeted traffic to your product page.

Indian online travel market is getting very hot over the last few years. Due to the big profits from the travel industry, several international players have entered into the market and you can see some aggressive online marketing campaigns going on.

Location Based Applications for your iPhone 3G

The iPhone 3G with inbuilt GPS system have introduced many new location based and navigation applications. These location based applications takes full advantage of your device integrated GPS and most of them are just cool. Check this list of navigation based iPhone applications. Whrrl This service from pelago gives iphone users a personalized view of […]