Auto-Confirm Friend Requests on Orkut!

say_yesThis is one of the oldest script I have created and used on Orkut. Just today only I came to know that I never posted about this!

Anyway technically its simplest script I have ever written.

#What it does?

Whenever you add someone to your friend list on orkut or approve any pending friend request, orkut takes you to a confirmation page showing two options!

Case 1: Adding someone to your friend List!


Case 2: Accepting a pending friend request!


Now all this script does is it clicks on send button in Case 1 and accept button in Case 2!  Thus automatically confirming the action positively and redirect you to the next page!




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  • Pending Friend Request Deleter: This scripts deletes all pending friend request in your orkut account! You will need this if you have too many pending friend requests!


kamilia January 18, 2008

That script automatically makes someone accepted you as their friend? Did you know that Orkut fix the loophole so you the scripts to view lock albums doesn’t work. Alvida.

jnr devil January 29, 2008

hey nt working..also album and scrap script is not wrking…

Rahul Bansal January 29, 2008

@jnr devil
This script is WORKING!

wat r u expecting from it?

Read comments posted above…

jnr devil January 30, 2008

hey it says:
We are awaiting a response You have already added this person, but we have not yet received a response to your offer of friendship. Please be patient.

jnr devil January 30, 2008

hey i want 2 c album bt its locked and ur script is nt working so i thought it might accept my frnd req…bt do sumthing abt scrap and album script

Rahul Bansal January 30, 2008

@jnr devil
About this script, its working perfectly! Just read alteast once before posting comments… šŸ˜€

About album n scrapbook unlock script I already mentioned that they are not workin… šŸ˜›

PRASHANT February 22, 2008

not working. the request goes automatically even without clicking on “send” sometimes.

Rahul Bansal February 23, 2008

Thats what is supposed to do! šŸ˜‰
Read the post again… šŸ™‚

sam March 22, 2008

does this script automatically make someone ur friend? is there a script that does this???

Rahul Bansal March 22, 2008

NO. It just eliminate need to click send button i.e. confirmation orkut ask everytime you send friend-request to someone! šŸ™‚

rabs May 2, 2008

i m getting this message on sending friend request(You have temporarily been disallowed from performing this action. Please try again after some time.)what should i do please tell me.

Rahul Bansal May 3, 2008

First sorry for late reply as I was offline on a long vacation.

Now don’t worry much as orkut normally bans a user for 8-10 hours when they use flooding or scrap all or other third party scripts.
Just be careful in future… šŸ™‚

Faisal Hameed August 19, 2008

A week back i click on the fast orkut access button, that was appear when i was logged. suddenly the all contact photo graph invisible gone and when i click on that it is visible, can you please let me know how it will be reset.

Rahul Bansal August 19, 2008

Did not get you?
Which script are you talking about?

Ravi shankar August 30, 2008


i m able to access my orkut account . i m in the home page but not
able to add and sendscraps .

You have temporarily been disallowed from performing this action.
Please try again after some time

this is d error i receve kindly let me know what s d enxt step to be

thanks & regards
Ravi Shankar

vincent November 20, 2008

i used the script and it did send the friend request automatically(right!, as per step one). but it did not add the specific user to my friends list. It should be instant right??. if not how long will it take?.

santosh bhatt April 22, 2009

its not working dear

Rahul Bansal April 30, 2009

Its working now. Check again. šŸ™‚

Harsh Agrawal April 22, 2009

@ Santosh
It might not work, because orkut codes has been changed after it.

prashant April 28, 2009

can u tell procedure plz help me…

IlLiyaZ June 15, 2009


Ayan Chatterjee June 28, 2009

my problem is orkut freind request disable.i need to orkut freind request enable

vikrant October 13, 2009

hey dear ,script for addind frnd nd on 1 click add [f] and the 3rd script of [s][a][f]…all these three script i have installed bt they are not working..nt even a single script is working…. now what i can do

avinash October 19, 2009

hey what sud i do after installing greesymonkey and auto confirm script

himanshu kapoor October 24, 2009

i have the firefox and have also installed the grease monkey with [s] [a] [f] scripts but it does not shows [s] [a] [f] written anywhere……… profile is working the same way as it was working before installing grease monkey………..
so wat shuld i do know to work with grease monkey

san March 31, 2010

i want to send the frnd request to my frnd, but whwn click the “add as friend” button it is asking for email address.

But , i dnt know the email id. Tried toknow the email of him by using gtalk, Like this I trired few thing. But i dnt get the mail id.

So How can i add that prfile as my friend?

san April 5, 2010

i have small doubt . when i see my best freinds.. its shows no.of best freinds are 2 but..when i open showing only person as my best freind. may i know the reason for this?

Sane August 4, 2010

Does this script automatically adds me as the other person friend when i send the request…