AutoJoin Communities on Orkut!

Just an hour ago, an idea was populated in my friend Sumit Kalra’s mind to automate joining communities so as to avoid confirmation when u press “join” button on a community!

Heres comes a GreaseMonkey script for this! It adds “[J]” button to every community link pressing which will open that community page after joining that community!!!

This script saves ur time by clicking join button automatically even when u go to a community and press join button manually!

Installation Procedure:
Again this is for firefox & GreaseMonkey Only! So…

  1. Download firefox if u don’t have it!
  2. Install greasemonkey extension for firefox.
  3. Close all firefox windows and restart firefox.
  4. Click here and click “Install”  when a pop-up window will appear!


BlackWyrm November 5, 2006

Greetings from Spain. I’ve learned a lot about Orkut 🙂

Rahul Bansal November 5, 2006

Thanks 4 greetings! It really helps me to keep working!

rohith December 26, 2009

it is not working…..
give me..
another auto joinier…script

anup January 6, 2010

not working man