Most Viewed Videos Online!

1Visible Measures published the first of its kind listing today of the TOP MOST VIEWED VIDEOS of all times. Visible Measures is a video tracking platform that specializes in measuring the consumption and distribution of Internet videos, and audience engagement.

The 18 hits listed by Visible Measures have crazy numbers – over 100 million views – simply staggering! The list is a diverse collection of the old and new – music videos, movie trailers, user-generated clips, and snips from TV shows.

Here is the list of top 10 most viewed videos (and most of them were viewed on YouTube!)


Rank Title Type Views
1 Soulja Boy: Crank That Music 356,300,000 clip_image002[5]
2 Twilight Movie     Trailer 266,500,000 clip_image004[5]
3 Mariah Carey: Touch My Body Music 230,200,000 clip_image006[5]
4 Jeff Dunham:                            Achmed the Dead Terrorist User Generated 196,500,000 clip_image008[5]
5 Susan Boyle                             (Britain’s Got Talent) TV Show 186,000,000 clip_image010[5]
6 Leona Lewis: Bleeding Love Music 185,600,000 clip_image012[5]
7 Avril Lavigne: Girlfriend Music 176,000,000 clip_image014[5]
8 Chris Brown: With You Music 175,000,000 clip_image016[5]
9 The Dark Knight Movie     Trailer 172,500,000 clip_image018[5]
10 Alicia Keys: No One Music 160,300,000 clip_image020[5]

It is interesting to note that Susan Boyle’s video is on number five with 186,000,000 million views already in just less than a month. Impressive! She is a 47 year-old singer from Scotland, who has appeared on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ show.

To view the list of all 18 hits, go to the 100 Million Views Club.

(Source: Visible Measures Blog)