Convert any URL to PDF

Sometimes you just like a pdf file of something you read on the internet. This is really needed when you read a tutorial or a online manual. One thing you want, would be a PDF document to read or even store. I reviewed Flexamail recently which allows you to from your email create a pdf document of a web page and fetch it as a PDF document. That service can only be used for a PDF document of 15MB as it has to be email friendly.


One of the main features of this is it allows any page to be converted into PDF. I checked with creating PDF of large size and it does work quite well so I guess size of the PDF to be generated will not be a issue.

I think the most exciting part of this service is that you can add this into your website or blog with a simple code being inserted in the web-page. I tried to see if there is a widget which can put up this code to create the PDF of the page automatically; but I did not come across any. I guess at the moment if you want visitors to download your webpage you have to manually enter this HTML code.

<a href="">downlaod this page as pdf</a>

You can even directly link an customized image to

This will allow a visitor to click on the image or link on your page and the page is converted to PDF. šŸ˜‰

For people addicted to PDF there is also a bookmarket which is offered by the website and all you need to do is drag the bookmarklet to your bookmarks in the browser and when you are at a page you want to convert to PDF just click on the bookmarklet.

Do check out PDF my URL and try it out. Do drop in your comments on what you think about this service.


babu February 9, 2010

Nothing NEw

Anshul February 10, 2010

@ Babu:
I agree there is nothing new in this, but I really like the feature of adding it to our blog. I was looking for something like this because I was not happy with the pdf convertor that I was using on my blog and had to remove it.. will try this now on my website..

price in india February 10, 2010

This is another good option in our inventory.

Odessa Call May 28, 2010

Read the title, wasn’t so excited, read the post, it was great!