Orkut Scrap Deleter Script! (Anti-Flooding)

This is another GreaseMonkey Script from Devils Workshop for all orkuttians using firefox!

Recently I have seen lots of people on orkut keeping their scrapbook clean! Most of the time for privacy reason! This script will help them best as it is designed for them! I hope specially girls will find his useful!


  1. This will require Firefox and GreaseMonkey! (New to GreaseMonkey?)
  2. After that click here to install Orkut Scrap Deleter Script. A window will pop-up just hit install option!

By default, the script is ENABLED! As you can see in screenshot, a check-mark will appear right before name of script! (You have to right-click on GreaseMonkey icon in lower-right corner of Firefox window.)

Now if you are in orkut then just open or refresh your scrapbook and it will start deleting scraps from oldest one first! The only way to STOP this is close the tab/window (i.e. scrapbook page) first and then again going to GreaseMonkey menu, DISABLE the script!

To ENABLE/DISABLE you have to just check/uncheck the script respectively from GreaseMonkey menu! No need to UNINSTALL the script!

I hope you will like this! Lemme know if you get some problems I know this is a bit trick script!

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ankurindia April 8, 2007

very informative

Danny June 18, 2007

thanks for the info .. helped trim my 10k scrapbook.. was starting to be a nuisance as girls were scouring it to find me flirting with other girls

Rahul Bansal January 21, 2008

@Ankur & Danny
Glad to know that you like this! 🙂

Ask your friend to do that! Also clear your browser cache.
Or open orkut via proxy / mobile browsers like opera mini which do not support flash content.
It works 100% so just do it carefully… 🙂

Nitin January 21, 2008

hi Rahul,

i tried the solution with both firefox and IE , but i am not able to delete the flash content scrap that i posted on my freinds scrapbuk…!!!

i dowloaded flshstoper and for IE, i disabled the activeX controls but when i click on the flash scrap, it is not getting deleted…!!!


nabeel August 6, 2008

hey rahul same nabeel from the scrapflooder
colum u must be surprised
hey i just wanted u to know that there is a community against islam
cant we do any thing abt it?
here is the link
yar plzz do any thing abt this community

Rahul Bansal August 6, 2008

All we can do is use “report option” on such communities pages.
Also better contact local authorities. They will take legal actions against such people.
Because even if we somehow get that community deleted, they will create another… 🙁

Raghav November 14, 2008

does dis work in firefox 3

Faisal November 25, 2008

Hi rahul

i have no scraps in my scrapbook and yet it is showing 900 scrap
I am using orkut from 2 years and a couple of months ago I deleted all my scraps but the number 900 is teasing me 🙂
I want it to be 0

thanks if u can do something about it

Rahul Bansal November 25, 2008

Sad to here that but there is no way to fix issues like this on orkut… 🙁

Deepak Jain November 26, 2008

Seems those 900 scraps are hidden 😉

Faisal November 26, 2008

it is quite surprising
how can 900 scraps hide…
may be the orkut team should review the programming for the scrapbook and database management …
anyway thanks

Rahul Bansal November 28, 2008

Orkut always had trouble with “counting”… 😉
In past, friends, messages and many other counts were reported wrong!

anil December 4, 2008

iis there any way i can find my deleted scraps or deleted friends

Musical Chord December 6, 2008

How to delete scraps from others scrapbook sent by us?

Rahul Bansal December 6, 2008

@Musical Chord
There is no way to do this using script… sorry. 🙁

jaipal reddy December 9, 2008

hi rahul,
i want delete heddin scraps in orkut..
can send me java script code of that..
can u send my mail id..
[email protected]

Rahul January 7, 2009

Hi Rahul,
Good Job with the script. Worked fine to delete my 1500 odd scraps. One question though , even after my scrapbook looks empty why does orkut shows my number of scraps to be 19 ? Weird eh ?

Thanks for the good script!


Rahul Bansal January 7, 2009

That wrong count will remain there. Script cleans scrapbook so fast that Orkut failed to update scrap count properly! 😉
Another bug on Orkut!

ajeesh January 9, 2009

hey people….
does this script work on IE ???

Rahul Bansal January 15, 2009

U may try using this script with IEPro addon for IE

Niraj January 14, 2009

Helloo Guys,

Iam having same problem as faisal.on my homepage ot shows 553 scraps but when i visit the scrapbook it shows- no Scraps.I already posted the incident to orket team.
Is there any trick that can help me out ??

ajeesh January 16, 2009

it worked well with mozilla, leaving just a notation (25) on scrapbook … but out of 981.. so thank you bhai..

wots u opinion abt the orkut fantasy themes posted on userscript.org? could they be trusted to download ?

thank you Rahul…

Niraj January 17, 2009

Dear Champ,

Iam new to this greasemonkey scripts.
Iam having one very silly question with me – from where shoud i get the options to enable/disable the scripts as shown at the starting of this page as screenshot ?

i dig out everything iam not able to find it out 🙁
Can anyone please make out few seconds to answer this.

Many thanks

Niraj January 17, 2009

Hi Guys,

I tried out the scrip.
Not working our for me 🙁

iam using Mozilla firefox 3.0.5

kunal March 31, 2009

well rahul can u plz give me scrap book flooder script

yasmeen sahi April 16, 2009

i have deleted all the scraps on orkut,but still it is showing me 38 scraps.I want to delete them evn.I want my scraps to be 0. how can I make it possible?

Rahul Bansal April 22, 2009

This happens sometimes. Don’t worry about it! 🙂

SWATI May 28, 2009


das too good!
thx so much 🙂 n keep up d good work.

sahil June 10, 2009

rahul.listen bro..i have installed that sciprt but i m not able to delete i mean i did not get the option to delete and plzz tell me from where i can get scrapp book flooder and poll flooder plzzz help me out plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

sahil June 10, 2009

ohh sorry rahul listen this scrap bool delte script is working i mean i got how to use it…but dear i’ll be thankful if u will provide me scrap book flooder and poll flooder .plzz arrange these two also….

Zaib June 11, 2009

Hi Rahul,
I tried your scrap flooder but it doesnt seem to be working now… Actually I have a competition with my friend for scrapping, so I would like to have more. How do I increase my scraps greatly or reduce my friend’s scraps?

nida June 13, 2009

yeah thIs woRks Well

THanKx Dude


sandeep July 9, 2009

hi rahul

its really working and too good
but plz tell , how can i delete my 4,379 scrap from the spam folder since they r still there ….

help me yar

Rahul Bansal July 9, 2009

Spam folder was not there when I wrote this script.
I will try to find some time to update this script to take care of spam folder.

chaitu August 12, 2009

thanks yaarrrr!!!good information…it was very useful 2 meeee…..thanks 2 the uploader

anjali gaur August 27, 2009

plz show my all delet scarp on of orkut account

Rajesh September 8, 2009

Q) i have deleted all the scraps on orkut,but still it is showing me 38 scraps?
A) Just open your scrap book and towards your right side click on next for couple of times and in a surprise you will find the solution. Good Luck

niharika October 5, 2009

at the 2nd step,i cliked the pop up window option…bt got no install option…where is it..????

Rahul Dev October 7, 2009

Hi rahul,
This is rahul here from Mumbai
I used GreaseMonkey fro deleting my scraps
Initially it works for deleting few scraps
, But after some time it stops working and now my scrap book is showing 5200 scraps out of 7200. Can u tell me what can be done in this regard or like i read in the above discussion. U have send some kind of java script code to the poeple to solve this problem. So, if u dont mind, can send me java script code of that..
On my mail [email protected]

Thanks in Advance
Rahul DJ

Swetha November 14, 2009

hi guys,
I have posted one orkut scrap in my friend’s profile after tat
i have deleted tat scrap but now i want tat scrap wat should i do?
to get back tat deleted scrap in my friend’s list

Sandeep Ahuja December 11, 2009

i tried this bt i am unable to delete all my scraps, n one more problem is dat i m tryin to view 30 scraps at a time thn it shows only 1 out of my 1110 scraps.
tell me what to do.

varun January 7, 2010

hey friend how can i lock my scraps????????

my friend has locked his scraps
it shows the number of scraps 4000 but when i enter in his scraps it shows no scraps…. how can i do this plz hlp me!!!!

Pranesh February 15, 2010


bro i need to flood my scraps t0 1000000+

can you help .. ?

Deepak Jain February 16, 2010

I guess, there’s no working scrapbook flooder presently!

uvais March 17, 2011

hey i need Scrap boo flooder/deleter for present time ro help me 🙁

maaz July 3, 2011

its not working……plz send me some gud sripts

Manish October 22, 2011

nt working yaar..
plzz help me !! 🙁