Bring your blog to Facebook with NetworkedBlogs


Did you always want to leverage Facebook platform to promote your own blog… But had no idea how to begin? Well, here is an easy way to so using the Network Blogs application.

NetworkedBlogs is a community of bloggers and blog lovers. It allows you to promote your blog on Facebook, at the same time to discover other new blogs.


  • Works for both: Facebook profiles and Facebook pages
  • Supports importing your blog feed to your page
  • Supports visual blog roll to promote blogs you like
  • Provides an organized directory of blogs
  • Supports article ratings


How to setup?

Step 1:

  • Create a personal page for your blog on Facebook
  • Customize the page the way you like it

Step 2:

  • Add NetworkBlogs application to your page
  • It can be added as a separate tab that will then display snippets of your latest blog posts
  • You can allow the NetworkedBlogs application to update your page status every time a new post is published
  • Start sharing the page with your friends and invite them to become fans
  • Your friends will be able to rate your blog and leave comments

If you want to promote your blog even outside Facebook, then register your blog with It is an extension of the NetworkedBlogs Facebook application and makes their user-generated blog directory accessible outside Facebook which currently has around 120,000 listed blogs.

Link: Network Blogs


Harsh Agrawal May 22, 2009

This is one of the best application for blogger on facebook.
Along with normal networking option, author need to verify themselves and to show the feeds on your networked homepage, you need to have atleast 20 subscribers.
By far all other facebook tool for bloggers which I used, like pages, groups , networked blog.. I like it the most

Swati May 23, 2009

Thanks for the valuable inputs!

Bill Bartmann September 7, 2009

Excellent site, keep up the good work

Aliciataylor June 4, 2010

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