Windows Software: Copy Handler to replace windows worst built-in file copy/paste feature!

How many time you wished you could have nice file copying feature in your windows! Following is short list of problems I feel windows built-in copy feature suffers from: Multiple copy starts same time, resulting in higher defragmentation (or you have to wait till first completes, before starting next) No priority control so no matter […]

Using Multiple MySpace Profiles with Firefox Extension!

This extension is for all myspace users using firefox! Clee developed this cool extension – MySpaceToolbarEx using which you can switch between multiple myspace profiles (accounts) with just single mouse click!In Clee’s words, MySpace toolbar with supported for multiple MySpace Profiles. Once you have setup the account info, you never have to type it again, […]

Orkut Pics Enlarger Script!

After long time I have written a GreaseMonkey script for orkut! As usual, this is only for firefox users! (Need help) This script is for all orkut user having firefox! This one basically replaces, all small pictures in orkut with their bigger counterpart! It does not resizes pictures locally BUT fetches bigger picture from orkut […]

Cricket: Cricinfo Toolbar! Don’t miss world-cup updates!

This world-cup don’t miss anything out there! Well if you claim to be a cricket fan and don’t know about world-cup then I suspect your claim! As they(cricinfo) say it is home of cricket! And now here comes cricinfo toolbar! What will you get??? System Requirements: Windows XP Internet Explorer 6.0+/ Mozilla Firefox 1.5+ Internet […]

Blogger Beta: Adding Posts to 30+ Social Bookmarking Sites

In this post I’m providing you with codes for adding more than 30 “add-to” buttons for blog post footer so visitor of ur site will be able to bookmark favorite posts on sites like delicious, technorati, digg, google, yahoo, furl, spurl, etc. There is absolutely no need to know HTML or anything else to make […]

Top 10 Labels in Blogger Beta Layout!

This is my first post (and first workaround) for my blogger friends! Wel this is for only blogger beta users! This is actually a modified version of Neo’s original work! This does not require any coding knowledge, so all bloggers are free to experiment with this! So coming to the point, if u scroll-down this […]

Firefox: Orkut Toolbar for Firefox 2.0

After waiting for original Orkut Toolbar Developers to update this must have orkut extension I have tried to upgrade it for Firefox 2.0.+ I tested it somewhat before releasing it for download. Please report any problem via comment as eagerly waiting for feedback! #Installation: Click here to install this extension! If you feel that nothing […]

Firefox + Stylish = Now its UseStyles…

This is by Jason Barnabe. Stylish allows easy management of user styles. User styles empower your browsing experience by letting you fix ugly sites, customize the look of your browser or mail client, or just have fun. With an online repository at, you don’t even need to know how to write styles yourself; just […]