Myspace Toolbars :: Extra space from firefox!

These are for all MySpace users who are using firefox! 1. Unofficial MySpace Toolbar This one is full of features… Automatically login to Myspace. Instantly access your messages View hidden comments Create styled comments/bulletins Customizable toolbar! Myspace Notifications: Find out if you have new comments, bulletins, etc without logging into myspace. The toolbar can automatically […]

Using Orkut From Mobile Devices!

Important Update: Orkut is officially accessible on mobile now, so this post will be marked outdated. Recently I have seen lots of people talking about orkutting from mobile devices!Before going ahead here is an excerpt from Orkut Help page! Why can’t I access orkut from my mobile device? We’re sorry to hear about any difficulty […]

GWIGLE : Learn Googles Secret While Playing!

Gwigle is an online puzzle game that actually teaches you Google search tricks as you play. Each screen shows a few search results along with the search string at the top. One word is replaced with question marks; it’s your job to fill it in. It’s hands-on education that feels more like you’re playing a […]

AutoJoin Communities on Orkut!

Just an hour ago, an idea was populated in my friend Sumit Kalra’s mind to automate joining communities so as to avoid confirmation when u press “join” button on a community! Heres comes a GreaseMonkey script for this! It adds “[J]” button to every community link pressing which will open that community page after joining […]

Orkut: HiNew Scrap 1.0 – Know who is online & scrapping u!

This is latest GreaseMonkey Script for Orkut users n biggest also! When u install this u will receive notification when someone scraps u! when any of your friend comes online! Also u can choose to be notified in three way- small pop-up balloon in right-bottom corner as shown in above screen-shot. (this can not be […]

Orkut: Latest Fan Flooder!

Important Update: This script stopped working since 10th December 2006. You may subscribe to my RSS feed or email alert to receive automatic updates regarding this and other hacks in future! Here comes Orkut Fan Flooder Script! This is for those orkuttian who wants to increase their Fan Count! As per my commitment to Open […]

Orkut: Collection of hacks to be kool Orkuttian!

Listing in this post some orkut hacks, tricks which you can use to be kool orkuttian! ALT+0173 Tricks 1. Ever seen someone without First name and/or Last Name! If yes, you might have tried to do the sane but while editing your profile came 2 know that first name n last name can not be […]

Firefox: Google has more to offer than just Google Toolbar!

This post really make you smile if you are Firefox & Google Addict rather than just a user! This time I discover that Google has more to offer than just Google Toolbar for Firefox Users! Listing here few extensions from Google Lab exclusively for Firefox Users! Google Browser Sync – Synchronize your browser settings across […]

Tecchnorati: Organise Blogs Posts With Tags Into Sidebar!

This is for all bloggers from all domains having technorati account! One problem old blogger felt that there was no way to categorize post according to tag! Mostly after each post we used to add technorati tags! Then came blogger in beta with this option right into blogger itself! Still instead of tagging all the […]