ORKUT: Some Misconception, Some Facts!

Dear friends,

I would just like to inform u people about some common misconceptions…


  • Orkut is NOT deleting profiles!
  • Orkut is run by google which is having a 300% growth in terms of revenue for this fiscal year!
  • They can handle any abysmal requirement of processing power or space!
  • They are NOT experiencing any information processing or storage problems as yet!


  • Until Today, Sunday, 21st Sept 2006, there is no way to keep track of where a mail gets forwarded!
  • Microsoft will not know if I send a mail from google server to my friend (EVEN IF IT IS A FORWARDED MAIL) unless you explicitly execute some code or click some link!
  • However may I wish, I have no means to know whether my friend is forwarding the mail I sent to him or not. Nor does Microsoft, Google or any other corp. or inc.


  • Are all men and women undergoing a surgery for family planning DUMB?
  • Woman cannot be made incapable of conceiving by dropping a pill in her drink.
  • Rohypnol is used as a sedative and pre-anesthetic.
  • It is called “Rape Date Drug” because it is extremely potent, especially with alcohol.
  • It initially makes a person dizzy and disoriented and with time makes it difficult to speak or move before the person passes out.
  • Due to this effect, this drug is used by rapists to incapacitate their victims.
  • Such victims have no memories of what happened WHILE UNDER the drug’s influence. (They can perfectly remember what they were doing before getting sedated)
  • It is illegal (in the U.S but not in Europe and Canada)

No comments about emotional messages appealing a person to forward a mail because it will either…

  • suddenly make his love of life realize that she should call him/she should meet him/She should fall in love with him!
  • or increase life expectancy of himself or his father/mother/brother/sister/any other relatives!
  • or make something “GOOD”(?) happen in his life!
  • or earn him an unexpected fortune!
  • or because some poor/crippled/terminally infected/just infected/dying person will get money for every mail you forward!(I do not mean to disrespect the intentions but it is pointless as your forwards cannot be tracked)
  • or just because it is part of a world record attempt!
  • or because this e-mail is part of “chain” that many people have kept or going for no particular reason so you should also do the same!

  • the only way of knowing your crush is if both the people add each other to their own crush list.
  • there is NO WAY of knowing anyone else’s crush’s or your own, if none of the above happens.

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Hey pals,
After flooding the next thing you are wishing is obviously a way to send a single scrap to all your friends… a very uncool way to forward something as of now (for you) is sending your scrap as a message… I find this is very boring..

So should we ask dear orkut to provide this feature??? I can’t wait so long so I discovered Orkut Cute and this is by APC softwares!

Orkut cute is packed with features and you will come to know when you will download and use it! To give an idea listing here some features i really like…

  • U can send one single scrap to all your friends.
  • It also informs u when u receive new scraps from your pals n new topics in yours communities.
  • U can delete multiple scraps at once.
  • U can send one single scrap to all your community members!
  • You can create several standard messages: they are stored in a database, so that you don’t need to type them all over again.
  • You can choose to which friends you want to send your message
  • Macro replacement unique system. By placing the identifiers $nc$ or $nl$ anywhere on your message, they will be replaced by your friend’s name once the message is posted
  • By activating the random messagesย option the program will search messages randomly on its database everytime it posts. This way you will be able to create several messages and each of your friends will receive a different message.

Download Latest Version of Orkut Cute!


ORKUT: Most Awaited GreaseMonkey Scripts!

Hey pals…
presenting you the most awaited GreaseMonkey Scripts…
These scripts require FireFox and GreaseMonkey so first check out last section of this post if you don’t have them!

1. ScrapDeleter

Important Update: Use updated Orkut Scrapbook Deleter script which is also 30 times faster with no side effects! ๐Ÿ™‚

2. Send One Scarp to all your friends
Important Update: Use new Scrap All Friends with Single Click Script which supports images, audio, video, HTML, etc in scraps!


3. Delete Multiple Message (Not scraps) (Install Now)
As part of code change, orkut does not provide now feature to delete multiple messages from message page. Here again GreaseMonkey Script comes to rescue for Orkutians.
4. Some Donuts For You! (Install Now)
Tired of “Bad, bad server. No donut for you…” message. This script automatically refresh the page showing this error. Give it a try! It can be useful for other scripts too!

Preparing For Installation:
1. Download FireFox if you don’t have it!
2. Install GreaseMonkey extension for FireFox.
3. Close all FireFox windows and restart FireFox.
4. Now you are ready to install any GreaseMonkey Script you like!

Credits: Some scripts are by Vijay Bhaskar!


ORKUT: Put Running Text In Scrap!

This post is outdated but still keeping it as if someone like to go through this in order to make it work again!!!
Till then you can send running text as GIF image using Orkut Toolbar!

Hey pals, seems our hacker brothers took orkut code change seriously and hit back with bang!!!Now posting here code to put running text in your scraps!!!1. Automatic Method

Click here to visit a page which will help you to generate automatic code for your text.

2. Manual Way

Copy following codes in notepad…

then replace green part with your scrap-text!!!
separate two words with %20 to put space between them!



ORKUT: Sending Images in Scraps!!!

Secrets This post is outdated but still keeping it as if someone like to go through this in order to make it work again!!!
Till then you can send image using Orkut Toolbar!

Pals found another kool thing for Orkutians….
this time you can send images in scraps…1. Automatic WayClick here to visit a page which will help you to generate automatic code for your text.

2. Manual Way

copy following code in notepad as it is…


then replace green part with image url excluding “http://www.” part
note url must end with .jpg or .gif extension…

if you wana send images from your computer then upload it first on a image-server like ImageBucks
on uploading image you will get url for that which you can insert it in this code…

Moreover you can add more than one images as well as write watever you want before & after these codes… You can use it with scrapbook flooder also!

to make above code simple dividing it in three parts as follows…

[your image url]


Reviews – A website made 4 orkutians

Hey pals,
found this cool site – which have lots of entertaining stuff for orkutians!
And don’t worry about its Portuguese name, the site is available in both Portuguese as well as English! This site have perfectly legal content and i don’t think you will be violating any Orkut terms & condition by using anything from this site!

Listing here major categories, believe me a complete menu will swamp my blog!!!!

  • Messages: A huge collection of animated and static messages to send to your friends adding fun to their scrapbooks.
  • Photos for your Profile: Now you can change your photo every day.
  • Generators: Create your own messages and send them to your friends. You can use our generators to instantly create cool scraps.
  • ASCII Art: Fun art for fun moments. A very different way to say what you want to say.

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Review: IM+ Mobile Instant Messenger

This is the final post in the series of multi-protocol messengers. After desktop & web-based IM clients its time to look at mobile-platform.

Mobile technology is far more versatile than others and there are many compatibility issues involved. So posting here info about only one messenger – IM+ from Shape Services.

Unfortunately its not free! But I will post free alternative for sure in future. Till then manage with this! ๐Ÿ™


  • Once installed, you can stay in touch with all friends across Yahoo!, MSN, Jabber, GoogleTalk, ICQ, AOL IM Networks.
  • This is best for the people who wants to remain online 24×7. Log into once in the morning and forget it!
  • You will get sound alerts as and when your friends come online or send you a message.
  • Once configured you can connect to all IM networks at once!
  • You can individually control visibility across particular IM network!
  • No cost per message. You may be charged for data transfer by your cellphone service provider.

Works on…

  • Symbian S60, 80, 90 & UIQ
  • Windows Mobile – Pocket PC & Smartphone
  • BlackBerry
  • Palm OS
  • Java phones
  • i-mode
  • Nokia 9210, Nokia 9290

Links: Shape Services | List of all available IM+ | Find one for your device


Review: Meebo – Web-based IM Client

#Updates: Sometimes meebo gets blocked in office! In that case try following sites which offers similar functionality like meebo!

After posting about different PC-based multi-protocol messenger, its time to turn to web-based multi-protocol messenger. Unfortunately at the time of writing this post i don’t hv many to review.
I know only one of its kind – meebo & don’t feel we’ll ever need to find another.Meebo is a web based IM that lets you log into your IM networks (e.g. GoogleTalk, Yahoo!, MSN, AIM, ICQ, Jabber) from any computer with a browser and internet connection with no firewall issues. It employs technologies (like AJAX) to make it act more like a desktop application, which dramatically improves usability. Many users enjoy the benefits of a native DHTML application, as it does not consume as many system resources as a Java applet (such as ICQ2Go or Yahoo Web Messenger).Moreover u can create a meebo ID, so just type ur user-ID & password once n log into all ur fav messenger.

For publishers, there is a thing called WIDGET that u can directly paste on to ur site code so u can talk to ur site visitors directly!!! U can see live example of this just check-out my sites lower-right corner!

So wat r u waiting for. just meebo

As meebo is web-based it is 100% platform independent!!! At the time of writing this, it does not support following browsers:
IE 7.0 Beta & Beta 2 and Opera 8.53

Q: Supported Browsers???
A: Internet Explorer 5.0+, Firefox, Safari, Slimbrowser, K-Meleon, and Camino

Q: BandWidth Requirement???
A: Higher bandwidth will be better for use but meebo will show-up on dial-up too.(tested)

Q: Charges, Membership Fees?
A: Its free & open-source. Also ads-free!


Review: Multi-protocol Messengers (PC Based)

Hey pals,
In this post I’m posting reviews about different multi-protocol messengers. Multi-protocol messenger is different from normal messenger in a way that you can connect to all your IM buddies using one single messenger. This means you can log in to multiple accounts on multiple IM networks simultaneously. This means that you can be chatting with friends on AOL Instant Messenger, talking to a friend on Yahoo Messenger, and sitting in an IRC channel all at the same time.
As usual, there are many in the market and posting here review about three – Pidgin, Mirinda IM, Trillian. I don’t think I need to tell you explicitly that all three are freeware as its part of my policy to write only about free things.

1. Pidgin
Homepage | Download | Screenshot
This is my favorite and I also use this personally. This is open-source and available for Linux, BSD, MacOS X, and Windows. It is compatible with AIM (Oscar and TOC protocols), ICQ, MSN Messenger, Yahoo!, IRC, Jabber, Gadu-Gadu, and Zephyr networks.
Pidgin supports many features of the various networks, such as file transfer, away messages, typing notification, and MSN window closing notification. It also goes beyond that and provides many unique features. A few popular features are Buddy Pounces, which give the ability to notify you, send a message, play a sound, or run a program when a specific buddy goes away, signs online, or returns from idle; and plug-ins, consisting of text replacement, a buddy ticker, extended message notification, iconify on away, and more.
2. Mirinda IMHomepage | Download | Screenshots
Miranda IM is designed to be resource efficient and easy to use. It uses very little memory and requires no installation. Just unzip and run! This also makes it ideal for users that want to run their messenger client from a removable storage such as an USB memory stick. It can even be stored on a floppy disc if not too many plugins are used.
The powerful plugin system makes Miranda IM extremely flexible. Only the most basic features are built in, but there are currently more than 200 plugins available for download that allows users to extend the functionality in Miranda IM. Plugins can be installed to add support for ICQ, AIM, MSN, Jabber, Yahoo, Gadu-Gadu, Tlen, Netsend and other protocols.

3. TrillianHomepage | Download | Screenshots
Trillian is a chat client for Windows only, that allows you to simultaneously connect to AIM, ICQ, IRC, MSN and Yahoo! Messenger.
It supports docking, multiline edit boxes, buddy alerts, multiple connections to the same medium, a powerful skinning language, easy importing of your existing contacts, skinnable emoticons, logging, global away/invisible features, and a unified contact list. It has a direct connection for AIM, support for user profiles, complete type formatting, buddy icons, proxy support, emotisounds, encrypted instant messaging to ICQ and AIM, AIM group chats, and shell extensions for file transfers.

Summary:- Pidgin is best as its available for many platforms.
Mirinda IM is good for people using pen-drive.
Trillian is quite popular.


Orkut Toolbar (A Must Have Extension)

Update: Click here for Orkut Toolbar for Firefox 3.0!

Hey pals,
first thing I used after coming to orkut is the great ORKUT TOOLBAR….
from 6 months I’m using this toolbar and but never posted it on my blog as I thought everybody might be using this…
but I’m surprised to know that many users unaware about any such toolbar, so posting here about this toolbar…
this is must have toolbar for FIREFOX users only….
so again IE user its time to reconsider about making a GOOD change…. as there is NO DONUT for u! ๐Ÿ˜€Listing here some cool features…

  • Toolbar provides all the buttons a typical text-editor have for formatting text (SCRAP) so no need to remember formatting tips…
  • You can send images and flash animation also to your friend through their scrapbook provided they also use orkut toolbar!
  • Provide direct access to all your orkut links like home, scrapbook, album, settings, bookmarks,etc…
  • Comes with a search-bar to directly search a friend or community on orkut…

There are many really cool feature you would be surprised to have….
so still wanna

Links: Install Now | Orkut Toolbar’s Page
Developer: Renato Rodrigues

Click here to download firefox!