Orkutando.net – A website made 4 orkutians

Hey pals,
found this cool site – orkutando.net which have lots of entertaining stuff for orkutians!
And don’t worry about its Portuguese name, the site is available in both Portuguese as well as English! This site have perfectly legal content and i don’t think you will be violating any Orkut terms & condition by using anything from this site!

Listing here major categories, believe me a complete menu will swamp my blog!!!!

  • Messages: A huge collection of animated and static messages to send to your friends adding fun to their scrapbooks.
  • Photos for your Profile: Now you can change your photo every day.
  • Generators: Create your own messages and send them to your friends. You can use our generators to instantly create cool scraps.
  • ASCII Art: Fun art for fun moments. A very different way to say what you want to say.

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9 replies on “Orkutando.net – A website made 4 orkutians”

  1. Thanks for the heads up on this. 😉

    Note: Quick question. Do you know much about RSS? I am not a firefox expert, but I was trying to figure out how to convert Orkut’s forums into RSS feeds.

    Of course, you would probably have to use Google Reader (and connect it via a Google account) but I was wondering if you knew of a way to do this.

  2. some body has hacked my community …. how can i get that back?

    my orkut id : chelseafc.rakesh
    Hacked Comm : Cricket Australia Fans

  3. @Darnell
    Ur idea is really nice but features like must be supported by server or they should provide API to implement them!
    While anything can be done in this world, what matters in the end is too do this efficiently! I dont think this can be done efficiently without some sort of support from orkut itself! 🙁

    Try scrap deleter script!

  4. @Rakesh
    Wel technically we cant do anything!
    Only thing u can request the current owner to get it back or report orkut!
    But I dont think orkut wileven reply!
    They are too bad at support!
    Sorry dude but cant really help out! 🙁

    1. Sorry Vishal, but I have checked above site had found no trojan on it!
      May be its on your PC… Sorry to trouble you but can you crosscheck the page on above site you feel contains trojan from any other computer than yours? 🙂

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