ORKUT: Sending Images in Scraps!!!

Secrets This post is outdated but still keeping it as if someone like to go through this in order to make it work again!!!
Till then you can send image using Orkut Toolbar!

Pals found another kool thing for Orkutians….
this time you can send images in scraps…1. Automatic WayClick here to visit a page which will help you to generate automatic code for your text.

2. Manual Way

copy following code in notepad as it is…

www.orkut.com/%22%3e%3c/a%3e%3Cimg%20src%3D%22http%3A//www. bandeirasanimadas.com/Asia/India/3dflagsdotcom_india_2fawm.gif

then replace green part with image url excluding “http://www.” part
note url must end with .jpg or .gif extension…

if you wana send images from your computer then upload it first on a image-server like ImageBucks
on uploading image you will get url for that which you can insert it in this code…

Moreover you can add more than one images as well as write watever you want before & after these codes… You can use it with scrapbook flooder also!

to make above code simple dividing it in three parts as follows…


[your image url]



Rahul Bansal August 15, 2006

paste that code in scrapbox…
just like normal text..
u can add other content before or after that!!!

Anonymous August 15, 2006

okay what do we do next…do u we need to scrap that code..or do we paste it in the address bar…its not working for me…help…thanks

Sudhang Shankar August 15, 2006

Please help. I pasted the exact code you gave in a friend’s scrapbok, but that did nopt work. Then, I tried putting everything in one line. Still no good. Could you please provide a screenshot of what it looks like? And could you also tell me what I could be doing wrong? I am using firefox 1.5.04 ; could there be a problem with the greasemonkey extension I’ve installed? (I’ve also installed greasmonkey scripts for orkut). Thanks for this script, though. Also, Jai Hind.

Anonymous August 15, 2006

Hi there rahul…I tried this and just simply pasting doesn’t help…its just shows the same code as it is…Any idea???

mali August 15, 2006

was working,but not anymore!

Rahul Bansal March 18, 2007

Its outdated completely as of now! I just kept it here for geeks who may find this useful to find some other working trick! 🙂

kamal August 9, 2008

how to Send Images in Scraps?