Orkut Toolbar (A Must Have Extension)

Update: Click here for Orkut Toolbar for Firefox 3.0!

Hey pals,
first thing I used after coming to orkut is the great ORKUT TOOLBAR….
from 6 months I’m using this toolbar and but never posted it on my blog as I thought everybody might be using this…
but I’m surprised to know that many users unaware about any such toolbar, so posting here about this toolbar…
this is must have toolbar for FIREFOX users only….
so again IE user its time to reconsider about making a GOOD change…. as there is NO DONUT for u! 😀Listing here some cool features…

  • Toolbar provides all the buttons a typical text-editor have for formatting text (SCRAP) so no need to remember formatting tips…
  • You can send images and flash animation also to your friend through their scrapbook provided they also use orkut toolbar!
  • Provide direct access to all your orkut links like home, scrapbook, album, settings, bookmarks,etc…
  • Comes with a search-bar to directly search a friend or community on orkut…

There are many really cool feature you would be surprised to have….
so still wanna

Links: Install Now | Orkut Toolbar’s Page
Developer: Renato Rodrigues

Click here to download firefox!


Anonymous August 19, 2006

Dude I have been using ORKUT toolbar for almost 3 months now and it is really a good peice to have around, other cool features include the ability to post pictures and flash files, but in order to view them other person should also have the toolbar intalled.
Its cool really cool.

Kshitij August 23, 2006

i’ve installed it too.

Jesal November 26, 2006

Been usin this one so long its totally indispensable to orkuttin now…

Unfortunately, its not compatible wis FF 2.0…

Any good alternatives or more news on this one ?? Would be appreciated…

Anonymous January 10, 2007

i ve fomated pc yesterday
till yesterday orkut toolbar was working fine
i m using it frm past 3-4 months
2day i downloaded all the orkut scripts but i m ubable to download the orkut toolbar
its shows erroe while downloading
wats the prob plz help me out…

chandus January 19, 2007

orkut toolbar doesn’t work with mozila 2.0 version

any solution?

Rahul Bansal January 22, 2007

Click here for Orkut Toolbar for Firefox 2.0!

pravin March 19, 2010

Orkut Toolbar 1.7 with support for 3.6