Complete set of IP tools in one place

If you are a website admin you will be aware of many websites and services to carry out different ways to ping your website or even your computer or the IP provided to you by your ISP. Also there are many online tools which help you carry out a ‘whois‘ query on any URL.

IP Tools is a great website which has all things you require when it comes to looking up and playing around with IP addresses.

About IPTools

  • IPTools has a large suite of IP related tools. Some of the most obvious ones are it looks up your IP and displays it.
  • The other obvious tools included are looking up Ping, IP to Country, trace route and whois look-up.
  • There are other neat tools which allowed me to to email address and check if the domain offers free internet. Very useful if you see an email id with a interesting domain and want to check if the domain allows free email service.

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Do you frequently look up IP addresses or carry out ping tests on your computer? Do let us know if you know of other such cool services through your comments.

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