Just-Ping.com – Free Worldwide “Ping” Online Service

Here comes, one of our tools of trade! πŸ˜‰

In many of our services, specially – Blogger To WordPress Migration Service, we move domains from a server to another server at times. In this migration process, most crucial phase in change in DNS records.

Time taken to reflect changes in DNS records varies from few hours to few days. It depends on many things like domain registrar, physical location of nameservers, your ISP caching, local system caches and many other things.

All above factors. makes it hard to check to trust local ping command which will only reflect a domains information at your end.

To overcome these problems, we use a free web-based service – just-ping.com

About Just-ping.com

On just-ping.com, you simply enter domain-name and click ping button.

It displays domain status, IP address of domain if reachable, from different locations of the world.

Also link to the result page can be bookmarked, in case you want to share it with your client. Their URL structure is like below:


Just replace devilsworkshop.org with domain name you want.

You can also ping IP addresses if you need.

What if domain doesn’t resolve as expected at your end?

It may happen that, even if just-ping shows desired results world-wide, site may not be working as expected on your end.

Possible reasons for this can be:

  1. Local DNS cache – Flushing DNS cache on machine may help
  2. Network cache – if your machine is in corporate network, behind firewall or proxy, then network elements may have their own local caches
  3. ISP cache – some ISP maintains their own cache. In this case using something like OpenDNS or Google DNS may help.

Hope you may find just-ping.com helpful! πŸ™‚

Link: just-ping.com


Vince May 20, 2010

hello mate thanks for the post neat. i was just wondering if this could be used on wordpress and how? is there an xmlrpc address?

How To | News June 26, 2010

nice service by just ping

Sarah July 3, 2010

Nice service, Thanks for sharing.

Rahul Bansal July 28, 2010

Glad to know that you find this service useful πŸ™‚

sanjeev August 1, 2011

great psot..like it helped me..used while using CDN

Terry Bush August 2, 2013

For just-ping.com is dead, please use Super-Ping.com instead.