Everyone with a Google account is on a Wave

Google Wave the product from Google with a glorious introduction but an insipid product was almost truly on the back burner and most of us following Google felt that now Google Wave would just be this product which will have some of its features drop in other Google services like Google Docs and Gmail. But Google Wave is still in no mood to wave us a good bye and Google has re-launched Google Wave by making it available to everyone with a Google account.

Many people argue that there is nothing useful about Google Wave and that is true for a majority of its users who felt that they could blog, embed videos and more importantly have awesome apps to do all kinds of things.

Wave was more or less a glorified collaborative service which has found some takers but mostly people have tended to do away with it as a useless product.

Bright Side of Google Wave re-launch?

  • The bright side is Google is also allowing everyone with an Google Apps account to get access to Google Wave. Considering they were packaging Wave as a collaboration tool for groups and teams, Wave should have been first made available to Google Apps users to play around with.
  • I assume with this  wiGoogle Wavell have a lot more extensions to make people really interested in adopting it as a tool to use.

Here is a video Google put out about Wave and it does seem to be trying hard to repackage Wave as a product.

So will Google finally get it right with Wave this time around or will they fail with the same product twice? Do let me know your views through your comments.