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logo As a tech blogger I read a lot of stuff related to technology, thanks to Google Reader and Instapaper, these two tools makes me productive and organized. There are a bunch of tools to save links for later viewing, Read It Later, Instapaper and many more.

Faveous is a new webapp similar to Instapaper but with a different approach, here are it’s features.

Faveous: The place for everything you like

Features Of Faveous

  • You can add links from various sources to Faveous, namely YouTube (liked videos), Twitter (shared links,favorites), Facebook (your posts), Google Reader (your starred/liked items) and many more.

Adding sources to Faveous

  • To organize the posts, you can tag or filter or even favorite them.
  • The search feature is pretty neat and results are relevant too.
  • By default your Faveous page is public with a customized URL, if you want you can make the page private.
  • Faveous also provides a RSS feed of your links, just click on the RSS icon on the right of search bar. Initially, the RSS feed is partial but you can make it into a full feed using Full Text RSS Feed.
  • You can also share the posts from Faveous to Facebook and Twitter.
  • They also provide a bookmarklet and a few browser extensions (Chrome/Firefox) which you can get from their Tools page.

Faveous Chrome extension

Pros and Cons

Pros: As I said, Faveous can retrieve your favorited tweets from your twitter account, once it has retrieved them you can tell it to automatically un-favorite them. If you were using Instapaper previously, you can import your Instapaper archives to Faveous.

Cons: Instapaper transforms all the saved links into readable (plain text) format while Faveous still doesn’t have this feature. Faveous is pretty slow when it comes to retrieving the content from selected sources.

Getting The Invitation

Faveous is in private beta and you can’t sign up unless and until you get a invite code. To get the invitation, all you need to do is, tweet about the site using the Pay with a Tweet app (you need to sign in to your Twitter account and authorize it) on the invitations page.

Pay with a tweet

Faveous definitely needs some polishing but it is worth keeping an eye on it. Try it out today.

Link: Faveous

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Manendra July 23, 2011

Ya last night i have gone through this site and this is rally cool site so see all bookmarks and shares at a time.