SitePouch – Group Together Multiple Webpages and Share!

Web designers and bloggers are often sharing a lot of links with friends. Many share up to 4-5 links everyday on a particular topic. Most do this over Twitter, Facebook or chat clients like Skype. The problem is it is disorganized and a good idea is to group together links on similar topics and share them as a group.

SitePouch allows you to drop-in URLs of multiple webpages and group the together.


As you can see in the image above, you can drop in multiple URLs and create a SitePouch. This will allow create a short URL which can be shared with friends.

When a friend visits this URL, they can see the links and simply click on them will open them on a different tab on the browser. A good point is that users can see where the links are pointing towards as they are not shortened.

This is similar to Bundles and Bridge URL which also allow users to share multiple URLs by grouping them together. Such services can also be used for temporary online bookmarking.

Try out SitePouch and drop in your comments.

Link: SitePouch