Create RSS feeds of search results with Bing

There is a lot that Google can do and it seems Bing Search is a poor cousin of Google when it comes to innovation. But I really liked this feature with Bing which allows your to save your search results as a RSS feed. (You can use Google Alerts for similar RSS feed of search results from Google)

How to make RSS feed of Bing Results?

  • This is quite simple. All you need to do is search for something with Bing and create a RSS feed buy clicking on the RSS symbol at the address bar. You can only do this with Bing and not with Google. 😐
  • Below is an image of how you can subscribe to the search Results as a RSS.

  • If you do not see the RSS Icon in the address bar, you can always create a RSS feed by appending the URL of the results page with “&format=rss” and a feed is created.

Why RSS feed for search result can be useful?

I like subscribing to search results mainly to see when exactly does Bing index a post that I have published. I usually search for relevant keyword within the blog url and subscribe to the result’s RSS feed.

It is also a great way to follow a trending topic or for that matter a tutorial. You can search of something specific and monitor it to see if something new is being indexed and sought after highly with Bing search.

So go ahead and try out making RSS feeds of your Bing search results. Also you can check out 5 Bing search tips you should know.

Drop in your comments with your views and any tips on how to make Google search results into RSS feeds?


sudharsan @ tricks tips March 13, 2010

I think this kind of features is available in google like GOOGLE ALERTS..

the same thing only happening here i think…
Google Alerts will be much more effective than BIng..
what do you say..??

Aditya Kane March 13, 2010

You have a point, but Google alerts is not as specific as Bing Search RSS. RSS of a search results allows you to actually monitor how much time it takes of a post you publish to be indexed. πŸ˜‰ I am not sure that can be achieved by Google alerts.

Yuvraj September 20, 2010

if my search query in bing shows 100 records then i want all 100 records in RSS. How can i achieve this

vicky November 2, 2010

bing provides a much more effective way for this than google. i agree with you guys

Bubble Hash January 21, 2011

Great Idea! I am using it now with netnewswire for max osx. Great Tip.

sandeep111 August 3, 2012

We have a portal that gets RSS feed from bing search results. Our company network blocked port 80 and we are not receiving any rss feed from bing search results. Does anyone know how to fix this?

carol July 9, 2013

Help me please! the Rss icon does not show up in my tool bar, what am I doing wrong. btw I have been a bing fan since the start. I was sorry when sympatico stopped using your service but it is ok I no longer use sympatico.

Aditya Kane July 10, 2013

Hi Carol, just append “&format=rss” to search results URL and a RSS feed for Bing results is created.