Create your digital identity with Sprout!

I was just casually surfing the web, looking around for some new stuff online and I came across SPROUT.

So, what is Sprout?

Sprout is a site which allows the user to develop complex multimedia content. Sprout is very simple to use and uses the drag and drop mechanism. Sprouts can be either informational, educational or even used for creating multimedia visiting cards. You can embed your sprout with pics, videos animations, flash etc. They are like mini banners which can be put in your blog or in your social website like Orkut or Facebook, making your page look totally trend… and it just happens in 3 steps…


Point your browser to . There is no signup required and we can start right away…

The available menus are easy to use. One can click the assets button to insert some pics or videos or some flash stuff. I fiddled around and created my own sprout within a matter of few minutes.

After creating your sprout, you can preview your sprout and if you are satisfied, click on the Publish button.


There are two options available now, either one can use the free sprout or use a premium one. The only difference between them is that in the free sprout, along with your sprout, there will be tiny official sprout logo. When you opt for free sprout you require to fill in a small form and the procedure is quite simple. After that, we can publish the sprout in any of the social websites or in your personal site. I tried posting one in my Orkut account and indeed it worked!!!


I think this is an incredibly useful site for all those people who want to personalize their digital identity. So what are you waiting for? Dive into the world of SPROUTS and create your own digital entity.

Link: Sprout