Display Your Tweets On Images With SayTweet

Twitter is a free social networking tool and if effectively used can really bring traffic to your blog/site. But today’s post is not about any traffic. In this post I am going to tell you that how you can display your tweets on images and then put it on your blog, no HTML or CSS skills required. You just have to select an image, upload it on web and you are done.

Lets start…

  1. First select any image on which you want to display your tweets.
  2. Now visit SayTweet and upload your selected image.
  3. Now put a tick on I own or have permission to use this picture and click on Upload. Here is my image on which I want to show my tweets.twitter
  4. Now select the region where you want the tweets to appear. Have a look…username-saytweet
  5. After selecting the region enter your Twitter user name, enter tags, fill the captcha and then click on Save and finish. This is how the final image will look like….say-tweets
  6. Congrats ! Your image is ready. Just copy the code below and put it in your blog where you want show your tweets.

[Editor’s Note: This guest post is by Gagan. Gagan blogs on internet & technology at CreativeBloggingIdeas.

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David Chan March 30, 2009

Nice little tutorial, thanks for writing about SayTweet!

Rahul Bansal April 1, 2009

You are running nice service David.
Welcome To Devils Workshop! 🙂

Harsh Agrawal March 31, 2009

Though its nice…but looking at productive point of view..
I don’t feel this deserve to be fit on any blog.