Email address which is gone in 60 minutes

When I started to blog about technology I had to sign up and register to many online services to try them out before I could review them. Usually I have a dump email address which I use only to register online. This ofcourse is to safe guard my email address which I use from being spammed.

What is ideal in this circumstance is to have a temporary email address which can be used only for 60 minutes and it is deleted. This would be ideal for avoiding useless spam which many companies think will earn them visits or business.

Guerrilla Mail is an online service which allowed me to receive emails and look them up for about 60 minutes. After 60 minutes the email account is deleted and any spam you might receive is avoided completely.

About Guerrilla Mail

  • The email can be subscribed with a RSS feed so in case you receive the mail you can quickly look it up without requiring to reload the page.
  • The email address expires after 60 minutes and can be further extended by another 60 minutes if needed.
  • If you work is done then you can delete the account before 60 minutes.

This service is not really a temporary email service but a temporary address which can be used like a spam filter.

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Do you have as separate email account so you can avoid spam online? Do let me know through your comments.


Amandeep Singh June 26, 2010

This is really helpful to fight the spammers… I daily delete some 100+ emails from my mailbox.. this is gonna help me…

Aditya Kane June 26, 2010

That is true, I guess this is a perfect spam blocker. 😉

imran14826 June 29, 2010

This Is Helpful and It Is Perfect Spam Blocker,Thanks For The Post .