[Tip] Find Your Twitter Followers on Google+

Finding people on Google+ is quite easy. With the recent mass invite URL feature, getting even strangers in your network has become easy. 🙂

If we want to get all the people we follow on Twitter and Google+ to be common, a great way to do that is use Twitter2Plus.


Just type in the twitter handle in the search bar, and get all your Twitter contacts who also have a profile on Google+. Now simply start adding them to a Google+ Circle.

What the website does, is match one twitter account to another with the corresponding Google+ profile in which the twitter URL might be included.

Considering Twitter and Google+ have the same structure of not needing to mutually follow each other, this tool could be very useful to follow your Twitter friends on Google+.

Try out Twitter2Plus and drop in your comments.

Link: Twitter2Plus

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