FaceSearch – Real Time Facebook Friends Update in Mac Style!

facesaerch logo FaceSaerch is new image search engine where you can search face-pictures by name of the person, place, etc. Search results are powered by Googles image search.

The results are organized is iPhone like slide-show format which makes navigation simple. Below is sample search result when for Rahul Bansal

facesaerch - Serach for Rahul Bansal

For Facebook Users…

For facebook users they have a unique service to track friends update. Just login to facesearch update facebook application and you will see a page like below…

Facesearch Update Facebook App

Here are some cool features…

  • Friend-list can be scrolled easily. Clicking on their picture will take you to their facebook profile.
  • List will be automatically scrolled in real-time, whenever any friend update her status. Also the status update is shown at the top of his facebook display pic.
  • You can poke and message your friends from same page.
  • You can update your own facebook status from same page.

I wonder if they are planning to extend a service like this to Orkut/MySpace users. Thanks Tejas for tip.

Links: Facesearch | Facesearch Update (Facebook App)