Use Family Friendly Yippy Search for categorized search results

The term search has become synonymous with the name of Google because of the search engines dominance. The openness of Google is obviously something that makes it a great blog. When people search online for certain keywords, that information can be tracked and used to provide better results.

By lately many people prefer more privacy when it comes to search habits. There is also the idea of having search engine churn out links which are valid for all ages. Yippy search is a new search service which tries to be family friendly and promises privacy.

Yippy Search Features

  • The best feature of this is how well Yippy search organizes the results into different categories.
  • For example, I searched for HTML and all results were categorized into Editors, Tutorials, Codes and so on.

Most new search services are nowhere close to Google as a whole but many of them have unique features which make it quite useful. Yippy search is useful for its search results being categorized in a simple and easy interface.

Try out Yippy Search and let me know your views through your comments.

Link: Yippy Search