Find Feeds with Search Engine for RSS – ctrlQ

As a blogger, to look up latest news on tech subjects is quite easy. Most times a simple search on Google can get you started. Also tech blogs almost always make it easy for people to subscribe or follow their blog with RSS feeds. But when it comes to certain topics like, lets say World War 2, we might not come across really good blogs all that easily.

CtrlQ is a search engine that looks up RSS feeds which are relevant to the search query.


Features of RSS Search Engine

  • The results are usually linked to a URL of a page along with an RSS Link.
  • I could subscribe to the RSS feed directly from the results page.
  • The search engine also supports using Google’s search operators which can be useful to find different RSS feeds in one particular domain.

As a blogger and an information junkie, I am surely going to find ctrlQ very useful. Do try it out and drop in your comments.

Link: ctrlQ


Prashant Rohilla April 30, 2011

Here comes one more Innovative Idea from Amit Agrawal !A great Tool.

Aditya Kane May 4, 2011

Yes, it is a good innovation along with being very useful for people looking up topics instead of just articles or how tos